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Boston’s First Ever Women’s Bike Ride And Festival!

Written by Boston Biker on Aug 08

This is pretty awesome, most research shows that when less “risk adverse” groups feel safe doing something it means that it is starting to be perceived as a more mainstream activity.  Hurray for everyone riding bikes!


From the City:



Register now for our hallmark women’s event of the season, the Boston Women’s Bike Ride & Festival, Saturday August 16th. Save $10 by registering before 11:59 pm on 8/8. Use code EARLYBIKE.

This celebration of women on bikes will be New England’s largest all-women’s ride and festival, and will feature scenic 10, 30, and 50 mile rides, skills clinics, family activities, music, an expo with bike-friendly companies, and more! Seasoned commuters, occasional cyclists, new riders, and kids are all welcome to participate in the event.

Join for just the ride or take part in a workshop taught by some of the best pro cyclists in the area to get tips on mountain biking, commuting, mechanics and more.

Adult learn-to-ride clinics will be offered for new riders or those who can’t remember the last time they were on a bike.

Register now!

Discounted registration is available to low-income Boston residents.

And men on bikes – we love you too! Please join the festival as volunteers, or to cheer on the women in your lives as they take part in the ride.

Please email [email protected] or call 617-918-4343 for more information on discounted registration or to volunteer.

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ACTION ALERT: Tell USDOT To Measure Up And Set Goals To Reduce Bicyclist And Pedestrian Fatalities

Written by Boston Biker on Jun 03

From Massbike:


5,000 bicyclists and pedestrians die on our roads in the U.S. every year.

That represents a full 16% of all roadway fatalities. These deaths are preventable through better design, policies, and implementation. So what is the United States Department of Transportation planning to do to address this issue? Effectively, nothing.

Within its recently-released proposed safety measures, USDOT does not establish any goals, accountability, nor any attempt to reduce fatalities for people who bike and walk for transportation.

According to analysis of the proposed safety measures by the League of American Bicyclists:

The overall safety performance measure lacks vision, accountability, and urgency. There is NO actual target set for reducing the number of people killed on our roads. States are asked to make “significant progress” towards two of four proposed measures, with a margin of error that could see fatality and injury numbers actually increase.

Cities like New York and San Francisco have set aggressive “Vision Zero” goals to reduce pedestrian and bicycle fatalities. Here in Massachusetts, MassBike recently announced a partnership with MassDOT and DPH on a new program to increase bicyclist and pedestrian safety.

Please take just two minutes to let USDOT know that we must have a national goal to reduce biking and walking fatalities by creating a specific non-motorized safety performance measure. Here are two easy options:

Option 1: Utilize the League of American Bicyclists’ Action Center automated form to submit your comments. Click here to get started.

Option 2: You can submit your comments directly to by clicking here, then clicking on the blue “Comment Here” button atop the right sidebar and following the prompts. In the comment section, copy and paste this message, or modify it if you prefer:

I am writing to endorse the comments submitted to Docket # FHWA-2013-0020 by the League of American Bicyclists.

I believe there should be a specific non-motorized safety performance measure – such a measure is technically feasible and timely given the increasing share of traffic fatalities represented by bicyclists and pedestrians. FHWA’s leadership in establishing such a measure will enable states to collect and analyze critical transportation data that has been needed for decades.

Further, I share the League’s view that the proposed performance measure lacks vision, accountability and urgency. State Departments of Transportation should be held accountable as active partners with the Federal Highway Administration in dramatically reducing the death toll on our nation’s roads.

Thank you for taking action. After you submit your comments, please let us know by emailing [email protected].


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The Demise Of The City Car

Written by Boston Biker on May 29

Here is an awesome slide show about why the future of cars in our cities is a short one. This is a slide presentation from the URBAN RESEARCH & DESIGNSPACESCAPE Alexander Ståhle PhD & CEO Spacescape [email protected] Its got a lot of amazing stuff in here, take your time and check out all the slides. Notes for the slides below.

The use of cars in the city is a failed experiment, one that should hopefully come to an end soon.

2. Why cities?
3. Proximity creates livability
4. Proximity creates innovation
5. Proximity creates social wellfare
6. Vad gör en attraktiv plats? Fungerar planen som det var tänkt? Vad skapar närhet och flöden? SOFO Proximity creates value
7. Housing value is 90% walkability in Stockholm Appartment prices in Stockholm regionUrban qualities
8. “Walkability command a premium of $4-34,000” CEO for Cities (2009) ”Walkable urban””Drivable suburban”
10. Density decreases car use Density Travel Dunphy RT and Fisher K (1996)
11. Average commute in Hong Kong is 11 min
12. “Individuals living near transit had a significantly higher level of trust and reciprocity and connections with neighbors.” Patterns of social capital associated with transit oriented development, Journal of Transport Geography, 2014
13. “Denser areas have greater economic mobility.“ (Measuring sprawl, SGA, 2014)
14. “The compact walkable city enhance livelihoods for the poor through affordable mobility. It lower social segregation through proximity of affordable housing to places of work”. Joan Clos, UN Habitat
15. “An advanced city is not where the poor drive cars, but where the rich take public transport” Enrique Penalosa
16. Car accessiblity do not affect appartment prices or office rents in Stockholm Public transport accessibility Officerent
17. Failing office areas without transit and walkability Infra City, Upplands Väsby
18. Inside Infra City, Upplands Väsby Inside failing office areas…
19. “People in denser areas are more physically active.” (Neighborhood environment and physical activity, Eriksson, 2013)
20. “People in denser areas have longer life expectancies.” (Measuring sprawl, SGA, 2014)
21. 5% drive to shop downtown in New York and in Stockholm (PPS 2010, Spacescape 2012)
22. “Pedestrians spend 65% more than drivers” Transport for London (2014)
23. “1/3 of America’s malls are dead or dying”
24. Wallmart and IKEA goes urban
25. Gallerian shopping mall, Stockholm
26. Photoshop Gallerian shopping mall, Stockholm
27. Why not car cities?
28. People in cars can…
29. People in cars can´t interact
30. ”When in my car I get a different set of values” Louis CK
31. New study on “road rage” (Gatersleben, Murtagh, White 2013): •Car use has negative effects on urban communities by affecting social perceptions. •More car use through a relatively poor area is associated with less positive views of that area. •More walking through a relatively poor area is related to more positive views of the area. •Attitudes towards young people are more negative when they are seen from a car. •Attitudes towards young people are most positive when seen from a pedestrian perspective. ”Attitudes to people more negative when seen from a car”
32. Car traffic segregate neighborhoods Livable streets, Donald Appleyard (1981)
33. Car traffic is the most common complaint Västra Ursvik, Sundbyberg Rinkeby Ursvik
34. Car dependency is unequal – Women and poor drive less (A car costs approx. $900 a month)
35. Cars take up space
36. Cars take up too much space
37. “Parking is the most incorrectly valued urban asset… A $310 bn parking subsidy, 5X the education budget.” (Public Parking Fees and Fines, Public Works Management & Policy, 2014)
38. Car infrastructure is heavily subsidized
39. Sprawl consumes land “In the last decade, an area larger than the entire state of Maryland — more than 33,000 square km of farmland, woodlands and other natural habitat beyond the edges of the nation’s cities” (2014)
40. Ecosystems are destroyed and fragmented
41. ”Green” cars?
42. Traffic make 20-25% of all CO2 Peak oil…?
43. The ecological footprint of a car is X800
44. Acid rain kills nature and pollutes water
45. ”Long live the pedestrians” says who?
46. Car speed means death
47. Streets where playgrounds before the car Allmänna vägen, Göteborg 1910
48. Bad density means more sprawl – forces families to move to the suburbs
49. Cars kill 1,2 Mn and injure 39 Mn every year
50. Car driving promotes obesity and early death
51. 2,4 Mn people dies from smog every year
52. ”Car driving is like drug addiction” (The compulsive habit of cars, Trends in cognitive science, 2014)
53. ”Choice blindness”
54. Car city
55. Car city Walk city
56. The end of the suburbs – A war on the dream?
57. Who says walk cities?
58. “We should embrace policies that promote the compact city” Joan Clos, UN Habitat
59. “City transport is about moving people, not vehicles” Rachel Kyte, World Bank
60. “High quality sidewalks are the most basic element of a democratic city.” Enrique Peñalosa, ITDP
61. “Pedestrians and cyclists and bus riders are more important — than car riders.” Michael Bloomberg, NYC
62. New American policies for walk cities New York Chicago
63. New Swedish policies for walk cities
64. Walk cities reclaimed
65. Cities are being reclaimed and repaired
66. Squares are reclaimed Time square, NY
67. Freeways are reclaimed CicLAvia, Los Angeles
68. This used to be as freeway…” Hayes Valley San Francisco
69. Parks are reclaimed Champs Elysées, Paris
70. Parking spaces are reclaimed
71. Gardens are reclaimed
72. Playgrounds are reclaimed
73. Downtowns are reclaimed Detroit
74. Small towns too – FLEN 2013
75. Small towns too – FLEN 2015
76. Small towns too – FLEN 2020
77. ǀ URBAN RESEARCH & DESIGNSPACESCAPE Alexander Ståhle PhD & CEO Spacescape [email protected]

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Renegades Of Bike Culture

Written by Boston Biker on May 27


From Youtube:


Today’s hipsters and their fixie bikes are not the first to embody the too-cool-for-school persona of the cyclist. In the 1970′s, counter-culture types in the mountains north of San Francisco took to careening down Mount Tamalpais. They were riding for adventure, for exploration, and as a way to interact with the landscape; they were not riding for exercise. Sarah McCullough, whose PhD dissertation at UC Davis explores the history of mountain biking, explains how this group of renegade cylists invented the sport.

FEATURING: Sarah McCullough, Cultural Studies, UC Davis

For more information:
Mountain Biking and History Archive:
The Grateful Dead Archive:

Special thanks to David Takemoto-Weerts at US Bicycle Hall of Fame and Otis Guy:

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League Of American Bicyclists Traffic Skills 101 Class To Be Given In Waltham

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 28

From the email:


This class teaches how to ride safely, confidently and legally, how to be comfortable and efficient on the bicycle and how to perform essential maneuvers like the quick-stop and quick turn.

The class is free of charge but attendees should register at so we can keep a count and send additional information by e-mail.

The class is in two parts: a classroom session and a riding session. You may take only the classroom session, if you wish. If you take the entire class, you may also take a written exam and receive a certificate.

The classroom session is being given on Monday, May 5 and again on Friday, May 9, 7-9:30 PM.  Location: Waltham Government Center, 119 School Street, Waltham. You may attend either classroom session, or both. There is bicycle and car parking in front of the building. The location is an easy walk from the Waltham commuter rail station and the #70 bus line.

The classroom session will cover equipment, basic bicycle adjustment and maintenance, use of gears, brakes, scanning for traffic.  You need not bring your bicycle to the classroom session, but you may arrive early for bicycle checkout and fit adjustment. The riding session is practical application, so bring your bike!

The riding session will be given on Saturday, May 10, 9:30 AM-4 PM. Location: Bentley University, 175 Forest Street Waltham in a big parking lot and on the street. This session is practical application, so bring your bike!

The class is free.

Please feel free to e-mail me with questions!

John S. Allen

Technical Writer/Editor,

League Cycling Instructor #77-C

jsallen *at*

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Two New Studies Show Moving Away From Cars Improves Business

Written by Boston Biker on Feb 28

And not just business but a lot of other things, safety,health, quality of life.  But no one really cares about any of that unless it makes you more money…so the headline reads “improves business” not “makes you feel less horrible.”  But hey if it takes an increase in earnings to get people to abandon cars (and car parking), so be it.  Any port in a storm right.


From Livable Streets:

Myth: Businesses need parking spaces in front of their store to thrive

Debunked: Complete streets are increasing economic vitality across the country.

Improved accessibility and a more welcoming street environment are now proven to generate higher sales. In particular, studies find that protected bike lanes and increased bike parking promote economic growth.

Check out the Protected Bike Lanes Mean Business report by PeopleForBikes and the Alliance for Biking & Walking, and the Economic Benefits of Sustainable Streets study by New York City Department of Transportation for more stats and facts on this topic.












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City Releases Its 2013 Bike Counts As Awesome Info Graphics

Written by Boston Biker on Jan 06

From the city’s bike website:

I think there are a lot of stories in this data, but the one that really stands out is MORE BIKES!  This town is just exploding with new riders.  Are you one of them?  Have you started riding since 2007?  Have you noticed things improving?  I feel like every year I see more and more riders, more and more good behavior, and more and more people riding year round.  BICYCLES!



Since 2007 Boston has seen a 78% increase in cycling. Below you can find data from 2013, as well as data dating back to 2007. Click on each image to view a larger version.

Counts are conducted each Fall during the hours of 7-9am and 4-6pm. Thank you to all those who have volunteered their time throughout the years.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Please contact Najah Shakir at [email protected].








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Winter Cycling Open Thread

Written by Boston Biker on Nov 25

Got a question about how to stay warm, what to wear, how to ride in the slush.  Ask them here and I (and everyone else), will do our best to answer them.

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The Word On The Street

  • RSS Here is what people are saying

    • A British study clarifies the problem with trucks October 2, 2014
      TweetI thank Bob Shanteau, California traffic engineer and cyclist, for this link. The paper, from the U.K., puts numbers on the problem with bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities in collisions with large trucks. A quote: Lorries are involved in around 4,200 … Continue reading →
    • A British study clarifies the problem with trucks October 2, 2014
      TweetI thank Bob Shanteau, California traffic engineer and cyclist, for this link. The paper, from the U.K., puts numbers on the problem with bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities in collisions with large trucks. A quote: Lorries are involved in around 4,200 … Continue reading →
    • Interview Request For Bicyclist Safety Article October 1, 2014
      TweetGot this in the email: Looking for Cyclists to Share Crash Stories I am a journalism student at Northeastern University. I am writing an article about bicycle safety in Boston – focusing on the fatalities in the past two years … Continue reading →
      Boston Biker
    • Dear Boston Developers, Build These Awesome Bike Friendly Buildings September 30, 2014
      TweetSeriously check these amazing bike friendly buildings out! from the WSJ: A bike valet will offer tuneups and tire changes to spandex-clad commuters and residents at Hassalo on Eighth, a multiuse residential and office complex in Portland, Ore., expected to … Continue reading →
      Boston Biker
    • Silver Maple Forest Ride September 30, 2014
      TweetThis looks pretty awesome, especially around this time of year. From the email: ———- Friends of the Alewife Reservation (main contact)[email protected]ifereservation.orgOctober 18th, 11 amMeet at the Alewife T entrance near Jerry’s Pond.Join the Friends of Alewife Reservation, Green Cambridge, and … Contin
      Boston Biker
    • Compass Rose Head Badge Attached September 29, 2014
        Looks great!  I am still super impressed with how this came out.  Looks even better on the bike.  More here. Continue reading →
      Boston Biker
    • Somerville Bike Lanes Get The Green Paint Treatment September 29, 2014
      Tweet   A whole bunch of bike lanes in Somerville are getting painted green.  I am not totally sure how I feel about this, but they do seem to be more visible.
      Boston Biker
    • City Streets Are Not Bicycle Race Tracks September 29, 2014
      TweetThere are times when city officials consent to closing city streets to traffic for the purpose of allowing a sanctioned bicycle race to take place. The purpose of closing the streets to traffic is to protect the safety of pedestrians, … Continue reading →
    • Help DotBike Count Bikes! September 25, 2014
      TweetGot this from DotBike, if you have some time and live in Dorchester give it a read!   —————– Hi DotBikers! Great news, Dorchester is on the map!  Please help keep us there! Dorchester has been included in the annual bike … Continue reading →
      Boston Biker
    • Visibility When The Sun Is Low In The Sky In Autumn September 25, 2014
      TweetVisibility is often a problem when driving a car. Many things can reduce visibility. Some of them are man-made and others are caused by nature. Driving in autumn is an example of the latter. Late in the day, the sun … Continue reading →