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Cambridge Installs Bike Counters!

Written by Boston Biker on Jun 23


Saw this little gem on the way home, I was lucky biker 267!  They had just gotten done filling in the dirt, so that is 267 bikers since around 4pm or so (it was about 5:20pm when I took this).  Not bad!


From the Cambridge bike count website:


Counting into the future

In 2015, Cambridge installed a permanent bicycle count station in Kendall Square, on Broadway.

The “Eco Totem” counter (made by the Montreal-based company Eco-Counter) counts cyclists via in-ground loop detectors and displays on the monitor how many cyclists pass by. The counter displays daily and cumulative totals and also captures weather data to use for analytical purposes. The data can be used in many ways:

  • To publicly show how many people are bicycling and make a statement that “bicyclists count”
  • The 24/7 data can be used to analyze daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal patterns. This can be used to help extrapolate data from other counts
  • The data assist with determining crash rate analyses

Live tracking of the counter will be available in July 2015.

More People Bicycling

The percentage of Cantabrigians who commute by bicycle has also been rising steadily over the past two decades. The 1990 US Census reported that 3% of residents commuted by bicycle; by 2000 that number rose to 4%; the American Community Survey for the three year period 2009-2011 shows 7% of residents commuting by bike.

Additional local surveys of Cambridge residents suggest that from 7% to 9% of Cambridge residents commute to work by bike. Local surveys also found a lot of bikes in Cambridge: for every 100 households, there are approximately 150 bicycles.

Traffic counts conducted by the city found that between 2002 and 2012, rush hour bicycle trips in Cambridge tripled in number. In 2014, the total numbers actually took a dip down, although detailed analysis seems to identify construction impacts as a primary cause. Click here for more information.

For more information on trends in bicycling in Cambridge, look to our Bicycle Counts Report.

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Hal9000 Teaches You About Unsafe Intersections

Written by Boston Biker on May 27

I love/am creeped out by, this guy doing his best Hal9000 impersonation. These intersections are horrible, and he does an amazing job of illustrating exactly why. Come on city of Boston, throw a little love (and money!) to the pedestrians and cyclists at these intersections! Hopefully their answer will not be “I am sorry Bikers, I can’t do that Bikers.”

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Hubways Are Coming Back!

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 10

From Hubway:

“First sign of spring? The return of @Hubway”

“Great news!!”



You’ve been patient. You’ve waited. You’ve stared longingly at the empty stations. Well, your wait is almost over! Consider yourself the first to know: After another successful program of year-round operations in Cambridge, Hubway’s system-wide operations opens for its 5th full season on Friday, April 17th. Click here to read the official press release.


The Hubway team has been busy deploying stations, and nearly 130 stations (out of 140) are expected to be operational by April 17th, with most remaining stations to be rolled out later in the month. Please note: stations along Boylston Street in Brookline and Boston will not be deployed until after the Boston Marathon.


For up-to-the-minute station, bike, and dock availability, use the Spotcycle app, orHubway Tracker if you’re on your desktop computer.


Less than 10 days until the full system is open. Where will you #TakeHubway this season? We’ve included some suggestions below.

Spread the word!

The Team at Hubway


Hubway is hiring!

Click the link below for more details.

For information on all available positions,
please visit Hubway’s jobs page.




Join one of 10 convoys with experienced ride leaders biking in from neighborhoods throughout metro-Boston to Boston City Hall, or simply meet us at City Hall for free food, music, and fun! Plus, local shops will be providing on-site bike exams and tuneups. Registration here for free — it helps to know you’re coming!
The Southwest Corridor Park’s Parkland Management Advisory Committee (PMAC) wants your input on strategies to enhance bike-pedestrian culture and promote safety along the pathway. If you use the path, whether occasionally or often; on foot, by bike, or other means; for commuting, recreation, walking, park maintenance, etc., your feedback will help PMAC work toward both long-term and short-term approaches to making sure the Park can support growth and create a positive culture among all the people who use it.
The survey deadline is the end of April.




Out of the Box, a blog from Boston-based The Horn Book publishers, recently compiled a list of children’s and young adult books about bicycles, like the one pictured here by Mark Pett, about a girl hoping to earn enough to buy her own bike… Ah, but there’s a twist!
Even though you have to be at least 16 years old to ride Hubway, we’re betting you have young bike-lovers in your life? What other reason do you need to check these out?
Complete 5 activities/purchases in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) and be entered into a raffle to win GREAT prizes from over 50 Brookline-based businesses (including Hubway)! Complete the entire board and you’ll also be entered to win a special raffle prize!
The game ends April 13th, so get your game board here today & start playing! Enter electronically orsubmit a paper game board, but make sure to read all the rules first!
Sponsored by: The Brookline Chamber of Commerce, Coolidge Corner Merchant’s Association, Washington Square Association, Brookline Local First, & Wellness in the Village.

WHERE TO RIDE? Click for station map. 


2015 LivableStreets Spring Open House, Thursday, 4/9, 5pm, 100 Sidney St, Cambridge. Online registration has closed, but walk-ins & friends are welcome! Join us for food, drink, and conversation at our annual spring open house. Festivities kick off at 5pm & we’ll have a short program at 6:30pm to hear from new staff & board members, get updates on recent work, and get a sneak peek at our 10th Anniversary celebrations and new membership program! Click here for details & more info about Livable Streets.

TransportationCamp New England 2015, Saturday, 4/11, 9am, MIT Stata Center, 32 Vassar St, Cambridge. Open conversation & collaboration in near-future changes to mobility and transportation, with keynote speaker, former MA Secretary of Transportation, Richard Davey. More info & registration details here.

Wally & Hubway Summer 2013

Red Sox host the Baltimore Orioles, Friday, 4/17, 7:10pm, Fenway Park, Boston. Hubway arrives in Boston just in time for the Red Sox’ first home series of the year! Though a few stations won’t be out until after the Marathon, some nearby stations will be there! Check Spotcycle or the Hubway station map to see up-to-the-minute station, bike, & dock status.
Visit for ticket availability.

Tuesday, 4/21, 6:30-8:30pm, Somerville Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting, Somerville City Hall, basement Employee Lounge, 93 Highland Avenue.
Meetings are open to the public, and membership is open to all residents with an interest in helping make Somerville a world-class city for bicycling.
Learn more about the Committee here.

Bike Friday, Friday, April 24th, 6:45-9am. Free, safe guided commuter convoys finishing at Boston City Hall Plaza.
Join a bike commuter convoy from one of dozens of locations throughout the Boston metro area. Music, free bike tuneups, a chance to learn more about Boston area bicycle social action, and because you rode your bike you’ll get a free breakfast and coffee courtesy of Boloco. Find your convoy route and get more information here.

Walk/Ride Day Challenge, Friday, August 24th, presented by the Green Streets Initiative. Get your workplace to join the Walk/Ride Day Challenge, and go car-free the last Friday of each month. Check-in your commute online to earn benefits for your company, get rewarded with discounts from dozens of retail partners in your area, and win cool prizes for yourself! Celebrate green transportation & enjoy the festival atmosphere by riding in to work, school, & appointments. More about Green Streets Initiative and check-in for your rewards here.

Have an event we should be mentioning in our newsletter?

Tweet it to us @Hubway with hashtag #wheretoride.

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Longfellow Bridge…What The Hell?

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 06

I have been noticing all sorts of strange markings and changes, on the Longfellow outbound towards Cambridge side.  And today like a chrysalis, the Longfellow bike infrastructure has emerged into a giant ugly moth.

Honestly its the worst.  I have no idea what anyone was thinking.

This design is rotten. Impossible angles, ramps, intense pedestrian conflict, poor marking, a reversal of the usual order of traffic (Both pedestrian and cyclists traffic on the left? Is this the UK?) it has everything you don’t want in a bike path.  And those railings are totally invisible in the dark, its only a matter of time before someone plows into them, or into the many raised concrete partitions, or into a pedestrian not wearing bright clothing, this design becomes ten times more ludicrous in the dark.





Moments before I took these pictures 5 cyclists almost ran over like 10 pedestrians. The smartest cyclist of the bunch simply crossed over and rode down the wrong side of the bridge for a 100 yards, and then popped back over…a dangerous option, but one that puts the cyclists in less conflict with the many (many) pedestrians.

I sorta get what they were going for, and I would love to believe that this set up was thought up to protect cyclists from cars? But at the expense of putting pedestrians in danger? To be clear it would be one thing to set up a system by which cyclists were to dismount and walk for 100 feet and then get back on, but this system is set up to encourage them to remain riding, and in the process get in all sorts of conflicts with all sorts of pedestrians.

In my opinion there is ample room to move the concrete divers over a couple feet to the right and put those plastic bollards on the left hand side of the striped area to keep cars away from the cyclists, thus leaving plenty of room for everyone, without putting pedestrians and cyclists into dangerous conflict.

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Big New Plans For Comm. Ave.!

Written by Boston Biker on Mar 27



The city wanted a shitty plan, a plan based on old ideas, on the idea that the car would always be the main form of transportation in the city, and the entire bike community stood up and said “Hell no!” and you know what?  It worked!

The new design has smaller travel lanes, which will keep speeding down, BUFFERED cycle tracks!  I can not wait to give this a try when its done!  Congratulations everyone who worked hard on this.  It’s not over yet, and we are going to need to keep a close on the plans right up till the cement is poured, but


From livable streets (read more here):

The stretch of Comm. Ave. from the BU bridge to Packard’s Corner is about to get an $18 million dollar upgrade, with the project going to bid in fall 2015. The original plan, since 2009 and as of fall 2014, called for wider car lanes that would encourage speeding, narrower sidewalks, and no protected bicycle lanes. The city has since updated its plan to include crucial improvements…

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Don’t Miss Your Chance To Give Public Comments On The New Comm. Ave. Design!

Written by Boston Biker on Mar 23

The big Comm. Ave. public meeting is tomorrow, make sure you show up to give your input!

From Livable Streets.



Don’t miss your opportunity to weigh-in on the city’s updated design for Comm Ave!

Join us at the City of Boston’s public meeting tomorrow to learn more about the city’s plan for a safer Comm Ave and voice your praise and concerns.

An example of a more complete street design with protected bike lanes.
Immediately after the meeting, join us and our partners at Cornwall’s, 654 Beacon St in Kenmore to socialize and celebrate.
See you there!
P.S. If you can’t make it to the meeting, we’ll be live-tweeting with #SaferCommAve@StreetsBoston, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, and spread the word to your friends and neighbors!

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Written by Boston Biker on Mar 10



Oh man what a difference a couple degrees makes. Its like a someone pushed a button and all of a sudden all the cyclists are back on the road!  Welcome back everyone, we missed you, and are super happy you are back. Just an FYI, while you were gone the roads were destroyed by several snow-blastings. There are now pot holes, piles of sand/salt/rocks, still a lot of ice, and in general they are slightly more narrow.

All that being said, its been GLORIOUS riding these last couple days.  I actually got to wear actual bike shoes, instead of winter boots, and I feel like a million bucks.  HURRAH SPRING!

Have you started riding again? Do you remember what green plants look like?  Have you figured out what that glowing thing in the sky is?

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London Approves City Wide Bike Super Highway

Written by Boston Biker on Feb 26

This is exactly what Boston needs. From the web


Catering to some of the 170,000 cyclists that ride across London every day, this segregated bicycle lane will stretch from west to east, pass through the heart of the city and span 18 miles when completed, the longest of its kind on the continent. Backed by mayor Boris Johnson, a second route will also eventually span perpendicular to this first one, reaching south to north and crossing the first path in the middle of the city.

More here.

The thing is, these sort of projects cost money, but they cost DRAMATICALLY less money than say a subway, or highway. These are the sorts of infrastructure projects that make sense on multiple levels, financially, climate wise, health wise, sound wise, beauty wise. These are the sorts of infrastructure projects that benefit a city long term. We should be doing this exact same thing here.

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    • Cambridge Installs Bike Counters! June 23, 2015
      Tweet Saw this little gem on the way home, I was lucky biker 267!  They had just gotten done filling in the dirt, so that is 267 bikers since around 4pm or so (it was about 5:20pm when I took … Continue reading →
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