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What the Boston Bicycle Advisory Group Is Up To

Written by Boston Biker on Jun 11

Got this rather awesome recap of what the BBAG is up to.


1. Vision Zero Implementation.  A presentation was given by Charlotte Fleetwood of BTD.  The first year focus will be on the 10 locations areas with the highest incidence of crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists.  There will be education, enforcement and structural improvements targeted at these areas.  The City will also be looking at more widespread use of traffic calming measures.  Speed limits near schools and parks may be lowered (the City has the authority to do this now). Mayor Walsh has in the past sought to lower the speed limits below the statutory 30mph at some locations.  However, state law regulates how speed limits are set, and so far he has not gained the authority to lower the statutory limit of 30mph which applies to the vast majority of streets in the City.   Here’s some informations on why lower vehicle speeds are so important for reducing fatalities and serious injuries:
Relationship of Vehicle Speed to Odds of Pedestrian Death in Collision
Vehicle Speed
Odds of Pedestrian Death, Source 1
Odds of Pedestrian Death, Source 2
20 mph
30 mph
40 mph

[Source 1: Killing Speed and Saving Lives, UK Dept. of Transportation, London, England. See also Limpert, Rudolph. Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Cause Analysis. Fourth Edition. Charlottesville, VA. The Michie Company, 1994, p. 663.}

[Source 2: Vehicle Speeds and the Incidence of Fatal Pedestrian Collisions prepared by the Austrailian Federal Office of Road Safety, Report CR 146, October 1994, by McLean AJ,Anderson RW, Farmer MJB, Lee BH, Brooks CG.]

2.  Boston Bikes is being reorganized and will be moved from being part of the BRA to being part of BTD.  The new Director of Active Transportation may be selected by the end of June.

3.  15 New Hubway Stations have been ordered and will arrive in September.  Several are sponsored stations and will their locations are selected by the sponsor (mostly Brighton and the waterfront).  The others could be put anywhere. More stations around Uphams Corner and expansion into Savin Hill seem like logical improvements to the network.

4.  Bike Repair Stations.  The City has purchased 8 Fix-It Stations to be installed around the City!  I like to think that this is a direct response to DotBike’s (and all the generous donors) effort to purchase one for  Fields Corner.   

5. Bike Lanes  Boston Bike has a very impressive list of projects for this construction season!  The projects having the biggest impact in our area are: West 4th Street Bike Lanes on bridge from Southie to South End, Mass Ave Bike Lanes (Melnea Cass to Columbia Rd), Norfolk St Bike Lanes (Codman Sq to Blue Hill Ave).  

6. Bike Racks.  300 new racks to be installed this year.

7.  Parking Meters.  The City has embarked upon a study to look at expanding parking meters beyond the downtown area.  This is good for bikes, pedestrians, drivers and business.  

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8 Year Old Child Killed While Riding Bicycle

Written by Boston Biker on Jun 09


Yadielys Deleon Camacho, 8, was killed after she was struck by a car.


Two young cousins were struck by a car Saturday night during a birthday celebration for their grandmother in Mattapan, leaving an 8-year-old girl dead, a 12-year-old boy injured, and a close-knit family heartbroken.

Yadielys Deleon Camacho, described as a “sweetheart,” was a second-grader at Up Academy in Dorchester, according to her family.

At the time of the crash, witnesses said, she was riding her bicycle with Joseph Eduardo Cordova, her cousin, near the 100 block of West Selden Street.

A mangled bicycle was found at the scene, according to police.

Police arrested the alleged driver of the vehicle, James Horton, 45, of Dorchester, and charged him with leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident and motor vehicle homicide, said Officer Rachel McGuire, a Boston police spokeswoman. (via)

This is the second young person in as many weeks that has been killed by a hit and run driver.  In the 70’s in northern Europe the killing of children by cars sparked a movement that fundamentally changed the way people used automobiles.  Called the “stop murdering children” campaign, it changed forever the way the Dutch thought about how streets should be designed, and how cars should be part of society.  We must do the same.

There is no acceptable level of human death in service to automobile traffic.  We can not accept one single fatality because people want to drive cars around.  The death of this lovely young girl is a tragedy that no one should have to abide.  My deepest sympathies go out to her family.

Residents of West Selden Street say they have frequently complained about the speed of traffic on their two-way street.

Millien refuses to let his two children ride their bikes on the street. He said he limits them to riding in the backyard.

“People don’t slow down,” he said, calling for the city to install a speed bump. “There’s always a big accident.”

Millien, who has lived on the street for 13 years, said the tragedy may be the final straw for him and his family, as the frequency of car accidents has made him ready to move.

“There’s no problem with the neighbors or crime; the problem is speeding,” he said. (via)


It’s time we change our entire concept of how we allow cars into our society.  No more deaths.

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Cyclist Killed In Hit And Run In Dorchester

Written by Boston Biker on May 20

My deepest sympathies go out to this persons friends and family. This is a horrific tragedy.


A teenager on his bicycle was killed Tuesday after being hit by a car following a crash in Dorchester.

Two cars crashed at the intersection of Talbot and New England Streets. A young man on a bike was struck during the collision. One badly damaged BMW remained at the scene while the second car fled.

Police say they found the second car on Wednesday morning. The suspect and driver of that car, 27-year-old Gregory McCoy of Dorchester, was arrested on an unrelated warrant, but and charges were expected to be filed later on Wednesday in Dorchester District Court.

The charges include two counts of leaving the scene of an accident causing injury, one count of leaving the scene of an accident causing death, and one count of motor vehicle homicide. The suspect was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injures.

One witness, Cheline Garcia, says she heard the crash around 10 p.m. and rushed out to help. She performed CPR on the victim, who she said had a pulse but later died.
“The scene was just horrible. You can’t even explain how bad it was,” Garcia told FOX25. “He was breathing he didn’t know what was going on I told him the paramedics were on the way.”

Police continue to investigate. (via) (more video here)

More info when I get it.

They have released the victems name:

Prosecutors did not identify the teen, but family and friends identified him as Fritz Philogene, 18, a sophomore at West Roxbury High School. (via)

Read more »

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Livable Streets Update

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 27

From Livable Streets:

Spring Open House recap

Despite the dreary weather, our April 9th Spring Open House was a resounding success! It was great to see more than 100 new and familiar faces! To view photos from the event click here.


Highlights from the Open House include:

  • Toasting to our recent Comm Ave victory
  • Previewing our 10th Anniversary and new membership program being launched in June
  • Hearing from some of our newest board members
  • Enjoying food and drinks donated by Aeronaut Brewing, Downtown Wine & Spirits, Flatbread, Harpoon, and Whole Foods

If you didn’t get a chance to come to the Open House, be sure to stay tuned for the exciting events and opportunities we’ll be rolling out over the next few months!

Get a head start on Bike Month

May is Bike Month! Join LivableStreets tomorrow morning at City Hall for the city’s first Bike Friday. You can join a bike commuter convoy from one of dozens of locations throughout the Boston metro area. Safe guided convoys with experienced ride leaders will follow a fixed schedule and route and finish together at City Hall Plaza in Boston. Join a convoy, or just show up for the fun. Learn more and register here.

If you can’t join us tomorrow, we hope to see you at a future Bike Friday this summer. Check out our calendarfor the dates and more Bike Month opportunities!

Take action: Federal transportation bill

Congress is preparing to take action on a new federal transportation bill. We need your help to make sure that Congress doesn’t cut funding to help local communities build sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes, trails and more.

Our friends at the League of American Bicyclists have made it easy for you to ask your Senator to Co-Sponsor S. 705, The Transportation Alternatives Program Improvement Act.

The Transportation Alternatives Program provides hundreds of millions of dollars each year to local communities to invest in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. For decades, our federal transportation system has prioritized building roads, leaving many of our communities with few transportation options and rising safety risks for people bicycling and walking. S. 705 would help make sure that Congress continues to invest a small share of federal transportation dollars in these types of projects.



LivableStreets weighs in on parking, buses, Comm Ave

Did you know MBTA buses serving downtown Boston make about 1,200 trips and carry more than 60,000 passengers every day? Ari Ofsevit, LivableStreets Advocacy Committee member (and Boston Marathon runner!), rebuts a recent claim that buses are to blame for downtown Boston’s congestion and digs into the enormous benefits buses provide in a piece he wrote for Commonwealth. To read the full article click here.


Demand-based parking rates could be the answer to scarce spaces, says LivableStreets Board member Charlie Denison in a letter to the Boston Globe. What do you think? Check out the full response here.

And Executive Director Jackie Douglas was invited to write a guest blog for the Barr Foundation breaking down our recent Comm Ave victory. It might not sound exciting on paper, but several of the new design elements have never been done before in Boston. Read more about what LivableStreets did to help win a Safer Comm Ave here.

Public meetings and other opportunities _______________________________________________________________________________

Massachusetts Transportation Summit

Friday, May 1

@ DCU Center, 50 Foster St, Worcester, MA
Join Transportation for Massachusetts for the first-ever statewide summit for exploring and exchanging ideas and actions to improve transportation in every corner of the Commonwealth. Speakers include Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Pollack, ZipCar founder Robin Chase and many other presenters and visionaries sharing ideas on the next generation of transportation solutions. LivableStreets is an active member of T4MA and helping plan this event-we hope to see you there!


For more information and to register visit:

Go Boston 2030 Visioning Lab  
Click for event details

Friday, May 8 & Saturday, May 9

@ China Trade Center, 2 Boylston St., Boston, MA


Stop by to participate in planning the future for Boston streets. Go Boston 2030 is a City of Boston initiative to envision a bold transportation future. The two year process will result in a plan that will be a road map for the city. The event will kick off with remarks from Mayor Walsh and include interactive activities, performances, a data visualization gallery, emerging technology demonstrations and more!


To learn more about Go Boston 2030

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Boston Bikes Update

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 27

Monthly Learn-to-Ride Clinics for Women

Know any women who never learned to ride a bike, or haven’t been on a bike in years?Registration for our free learn-to-ride clinics is now open. Taught by women for women (anyone who identifies as female), our clinics are a great way to get on a bike and keep rolling!

Clinics will be held on May 9th, June 20th, July 18th, August 25th, September 15th, andOctober 17th. For complete details

Join our team!

Boston Bikes is looking for a confident urban cyclist to help organize our Women’s Initiative on a part-time contract basis through August. At least two years of program management experience required, plus excellent communication skills. To apply please email[email protected].

Hubway Reopens on Friday

Nothing says spring like Hubway bikes sprouting up around the city. The full system reopens on Friday April 17th (except for a handful of stations along the marathon route, which will reopen after Patriot’s Day). So dust off your key fob and get ready to pedal! And if you don’t have a membership, now’s a great time to sign up.

Next Friday is Bike Friday!

Join us on April 24th for the first Bike Friday of the year. This is the first year that we’re hosting an April Bike Friday; help us make it a success! Pedal, on your own or with one of our many convoys, to City Hall Plaza from 7-9am and you’ll be greeted by a festival full of bike-friendly vendors. As always, we’ll have free breakfast provided by Boloco, Iggy’s Bread of the World,Larabar, and Whole Foods!

Registration is free, but it helps to know you’re coming. Please note that breakfast is only for people who bike to City Hall Plaza.

Get Biking Challenge

Boston Bikes is hosting the Get Biking Challenge to encourage K-8 students to bike more during May, National Bike Month. Students will record how many minutes they bike each day, and all participants will be awarded with prizes. Top schools and classes will earn a variety of prizes such as the coveted Golden Pedal Award, free bike raffles, bike field trips, and more! Schools need to register for the challenge and it can be coordinated by a teacher, administrator, other school staff, or parent volunteers. For more information, visit our

Major Steps Forward for Biking and Walking in Boston

On March 24th, the Boston Transportation Department unveiled plans to make a stretch of Commonwealth Avenue one of the most progressive multi-modal corridors in the country. The design incorporates protected intersections and physically protected bike lanes on both sides of the avenue. We hope that this is just one of many more cutting-edge projects to come! Thank you to the many advocates and allies who worked hard to make this happen.

The day after the Comm Ave Public Meeting, Mayor Walsh announced that Boston will adopt Vision Zero. This comprehensive strategy prevents traffic fatalities through effective policies and systematic evaluation, enforcement, engineering, education, and community engagement. Boston Bikes is a part of the Vision Zero task force which will be planning the program’s roll-out over the next few months. Read more about Vision Zero and the Commonwealth Avenue plans here.

More Bike Parking in Boston

Last year we exceeded our goals and installed more than 300 bike racks. You can find the locations of all public bike racks in the City of Boston using our interactive map.

We continue to work on increasing bike parking. Our installers are currently putting in new racks across Boston; we recently got approval to install 30 more racks in the Back Bay Historic District; and we have more in our queue that we are moving through the approval process. Our goal is to make it easy for you to park your bike anywhere in the City of Boston.

Help Us Recover from the Winter

The record-breaking snow damaged a record number of racks. And as the snow continues to melt, abandoned bikes are popping up around Boston.Report broken racks and abandoned bikes using thecitizens connect app or by filling out a service request form. Please be sure to include a picture that shows the rack, or bike, and its location (i.e. the building behind it). This helps us expedite the repair / locate the bike.

Please note that the City of Boston is only able to remove bikes that are attached to public property. If the bike is locked to a fence, or other private property, you will need to contact the property manager to have it removed.

Bikes and Bites Beneficiaries

Congratulations to the Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition, Femmechanics, and the Dorchester Community Food Co-op who have been selected as the beneficiaries of Bikes & Bikes, the 2nd Annual Women’s Bike Ride & Festival. Proceeds from the ride will be donated to these groups. They are working to make Boston a healthy and vibrant city. Read more about them below, and don’t forget to register for Bikes & Bites.

Image credit: Mattapan Food and Fitness CoalitionThe Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition is a grassroots movement in the Mattapan community. Their goal is to make Mattapan known as one of the healthiest communities in Boston. With easy access to affordable and healthy food, clean, safe, walk-able, and bike-able streets, residents of all ages and abilities will take regular advantage of the abundant and inviting play spaces.

Image credit: FemmechanicsFemmechanics is a group of FTW (femme/trans*/women) folks who bike. They organize Grrrease Time, an open-shop time for people to come learn about wrenching on bikes, and to form community and solidarity amongst FTW cyclists.

Image credit: Dorchester Community Food Co-opThe Dorchester Community Food Co-op (DCFC) is a multi-stakeholder cooperative enterprise that will provide economic opportunity and access to healthy, affordable food for residents of Dorchester and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Why People Don’t Ride Bikes In Boston

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 21

From Bostinno:


The U.S. Census Bureau specified some of the reasons in its recent American Housing Survey. Health reasons (9.9 percent) rank as the No. 1 reason Bostonians who don’t bike say they steer clear. No bike (4.38 percent) and traffic issues (3.23 percent) round out the top three.

Interestingly, a “lack of adequate sidewalks” is also a major reason, despite public perception on the practice remaining largely negative amid a somewhat nebulous city stance. (The author has some opinions on the subject, too.) It’s possible, or perhaps likely, these are complaints pertaining to walking to work rather than riding, but it still seemed worth mentioning.


I assume “health reasons” means that people feel they are not fit enough to ride bikes, and at 10% that does represent a huge amount of folks who feel they are not healthy enough to ride a bike.   However even if you add up all the “folks who can’t ride” you still end up with a whole lot more people who COULD be riding, but don’t.

My gut is telling me that there are a whole lot of folks ready to get out there and ride, but are waiting for a couple of things.  More access to bike lanes, and bike infrastructure.  And a feeling that its a “movement.”

Every day I go to work and I see more and more people riding their bike, and I think that draws more people out onto the streets with a bike under them.  Their are a lot of people who don’t want to be first adopters, they want to join an established group.

Boston plans to install more and better bike infrastructure, more and more people will ride, and eventually the tidal wave of change will smash against the rocks of car culture and break it.  Northern European cities like Copenhagen didn’t get to be the way they are overnight, it took decades of directed improvement.  Boston is on the same path, they are far behind but catching up fast.  Lets hope we see continued improvement in the bike infrastructure, with more and more adoption of bikes as peoples main form of transportation.

Is there some reason keeping you from riding your bike?  Share it with us in the comments.

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You Could Be The Next Bike Czar! (Sorta…)

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 03

Got this bit of info…

This is a period of transition for Boston Bikes with the departure of Nicole Freedman.  Najah Shakir and Kim Folz will be handling her duties until a new director is hired.  The new director position will be a little bit different.  The title is Active Transportation Director, which I believe will cover not just bikes but also walking.  This position is not yet advertised.

The other big news is that the City is looking for a Chief of the Streets (COTS), which will directly oversee  BTD and DPW, with the Commissioners reporting to the (COTS). Boston Bikes and the Parking Clerk will also report to the COTS.  Part of the job describtion is implementing Complete Streets and Vision Zero policies and will play a big role in the GoBoston2030 transportation planning vision project.  Get those resumes ready!  The posting is here:

Here is that job listing in case you are having trouble finding it:

Executive/Professional (Mgmt)

Position: Chief of the Streets Reports to: Mayor
Hiring Range: $125,000-$140,000
’14 Budget: $137 Million (operating), $81 Million (capital)
Employees: 870 (approx.)

Job Description:
The streets are one of our most valuable public resources and the lifeblood of the city. Boston is in the midst of a transition from a city that served the transportation needs of the last half-century to one which can serve the future. The street network in Boston is unique, constrained, and rich in character. From being the first American City with a subway system, to the depression of the Central Artery, to becoming one of the most successful multi-city bicycle-share systems in the nation – Boston does not shy away from complicated and transformative projects. Now, the City is again poised to be an innovator and leader in re-imagining how streets are used by the public for the next century.

Under the leadership of Mayor Martin J. Walsh, the City of Boston seeks a visionary leader with a strong concern for and awareness of urban issues, who, as Chief of the Streets (COTS), will build the infrastructure, team, and tools that deliver against a vision for better city services and enhanced mobility opportunities.
There are three responsibilities consistent across all positions in the Walsh Administration:

·Learning. Mayor Walsh is building a team of people who are not only comfortable with new ideas, but also have the curiosity to seek them and the courage to try them. For the COTS, this will mean exploring ways to reach the Citys stated mode-shift goals, identifying solutions to improve service delivery, and seeking out best-practice solutions from around the world.

·Leveraging. Mayor Walsh is creating one Boston, where all of our institutions, departments and residents are collaborating to build the best city. For the COTS, this will mean identifying ways to consolidate and improve operations, forging new partnerships with private organizations and area research universities, and investing in programs and infrastructure that serve as the platform for Bostonians high-quality of life.

·Leading. Mayor Walsh is seeking leaders who will steer a change agenda. For the COTS, this will mean a person with a passion for implementing transformative projects to make our streets safer and more sustainable, working collaboratively with colleagues across departments, the region and neighboring cities on an action oriented agenda, and, bringing Boston to new prominence as a world-class leader for mobility, infrastructure, and integrated city services.

Boston has long been considered an innovator and leader in transportation and public works projects. While the street network is complicated, the role the streets play are not. Simply put, the streets permit the City to function – from commutes to work and school, to the recycling trucks humming through the neighborhoods, and the web of utilities swimming underneath them – they are the lifeblood of a City with almost 400 years of history. But while Boston been providing transportation and public works projects to residents for almost four centuries, there are still tremendous opportunities to make improvements and to ready Boston for the next century of growth and change.

Boston is unique in its resources, its home to the world’s leading academic institutions, to world-class healthcare and finance industries, and to a growing creative economy. Boston also has an especially tech-savvy population; one in every three residents of the city is between the ages of 20-34. Over half of Boston residents select a mode other than a car as they head to work and school each day. Boston is also a dense city, encompassing 50 square miles and 850 miles of streets. The network of roadways, sidewalks, and public space, is about to undergo a major public process through the GoBoston2030 project – a City-led transportation vision plan kicking off in early January 2015.

The City of Boston COTS will be expected to lead an ambitious agenda including:

·To set a progressive vision for improving our streets in a way that meets the needs of a changing population and delivers on City goals including:

leading Bostons Transportation Visioning Process (GoBoston2030);

designing a plan to eliminate traffic-related fatalities in Boston over the next decade;

sparking ideas for non-traditional uses that create a vibrant, green, creative, and active streetscape

advancing a lighter, quicker, and cheaper approach as a pathway for improvements that benefit all roadway users.

·Lead the implementation of Complete Streets policies, which strive to make our streets green, multi-modal, and smart, through increased collaboration and transparency of the Public Improvements Commission
·Forge new public private partnerships and more formalized relationships with existing Transportation Management Associations and local business groups.
·Strengthen ties with surrounding communities and relative state agencies to foster a regional approach to public infrastructure and transportation solutions
·Deliver top-quality public services with focus on data-driven results in the maintenance of public infrastructure, waste reduction, and improved permitting processes

·Provide continuity to agency operations across the Public Works and Transportation Departments to drive effectiveness in serving constituents;
·Align department resources to provide a clear and transparent review process for large-scale capital projects and private development;
·Management of department Directors, who oversee daily operations, programs, and planning activities.

Chief of Streets, Transportation, & Sanitation Cabinet:

This cabinet position oversees the Public Works and Transportation Departments, as well as the Office of the Parking Clerk and Boston Bikes. The Cabinet Chief is also the link to the Boston Water and Sewer Commission – which is overseen by a separate Executive Director and a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Mayor.

Transportation Department: Works to promote public safety and enhance the quality of life for residents through the management of the Citys transportation network. This includes long-range visioning and planning, engineering, education, parking enforcement, and policy setting.

Public Works Department: Provides core basic services essential to neighborhood quality of life, including snow/ice control, trash and recycling collection, street sweeping, street lighting, utility coordination, and road resurfacing and reconstruction projects.

Preferred Candidate Qualifications:

The ideal candidate:

·Is a seasoned manager with strong transportation or public works planning, policy and/or operations experience.
·Has a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning, Public Policy, Public Administration, Engineering or a closely related field, and the knowledge typically gained through a Master’s program or professional degree program in a relevant field.
·At least five to seven years of management experience in a complex urban environment is preferred.
·Significant work experience involving transportation policy, budget management, traffic, and urban planning is an essential prerequisite
·The successful applicant will possess a combination of technical skills, organization management skills, and leadership skills
·Will be able to demonstrate success in moving forward a vision through to complete implementation, overcoming significant challenges
·Can work collaboratively with a team – both inside and outside of their departments
·Experience working between tiers of government to deliver on an agenda
·Candidates conversant in multiple languages are encouraged to apply
·Boston residency is required.

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This Monday, Say No To Keystone XL Pipeline

Written by Boston Biker on Mar 27

Can’t ride your bike under water!  Global warming is real, its serious, and it has Boston in the cross hairs, this Monday show up and let President Obama know that we care.



As he approaches his final decision, we need to keep the pressure on President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. In recent weeks communities in Cleveland, Stanford and Washington DC have all held actions at Presidential events calling on the President to say no to the piepelin.

Boston has played a key role in this fight against Keystone XL by consistently turning out big to tell President Obama to reject the pipeline.

On Monday, President Obama will be speaking at UMass Boston and we want a big crowd to greet him and remind him what to do: reject Keystone XL once and for all!

He’s approaching his final decision, and this could be the most important chance to bring him the message yet.  The bigger the crowd, the stronger our message will be. Do you think you can join us?

Click here to RSVP:

Here are all the details:

What: Boston tells President Obama: NO KXL! A rally to tell President Obama to reject KXL.
When: 9:30 AM on Monday, March 26th
Where: UMass Boston Campus, near Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate (exact location TBD)
Who: 350 Massachusetts, 350 Cambridge, Better Futures Project and

To RSVP, click here.

We will have signs and banners, but need a big crowd that’s ready to make some noise. The President vetoed Congress’ Keystone XL bill last month, and is closer than ever to rejecting the project outright. Come out on Monday to help put an end to this disaster once and for all.

Let’s do this!


P.S. If you haven’t heard about it yet, students, faculty and members of the Harvard community are coming together the week of April 12th-17th for Harvard Heat Week, a week of action calling on Harvard to divest from fossil fuels. The week will include various speakers, powerful community events and principled action. Click here to learn more and get involved.

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The Word On The Street

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    • Boston Bike Bike At Night 2015 July 27, 2015
      TweetGot this years email about the long running and highly awesome BBBAN Ride 2015: ————- Yes, folks, it is that time of the year again… This ride is always fun.  Has lots of interesting stops.  Usually around 30 miles in total.  … Continue reading →
      Boston Biker
    • Boston Bike Bike At Night 2015 July 27, 2015
      TweetGot this years email about the long running and highly awesome BBBAN Ride 2015: ————- Yes, folks, it is that time of the year again… This ride is always fun.  Has lots of interesting stops.  Usually around 30 miles in total.  … Continue reading →
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    • Help Make Dot Ave Better For Cycling July 30th July 27, 2015
      TweetAttend this meeting and let your voice be heard! ————– Do you ride your bicycle on Dorchester Ave. through South Boston? Do you want to see stronger and safer infrastructure for biking and walking there? The Boston Redevelopment Authority is … Continue reading →
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    • Park And Pedal Grand Opening 7/31 July 27, 2015
      TweetGot this email, looks like a great idea: —————- We’re working with the Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) to launch an innovative new cycling program for Boston-area commuters called Park&Pedal.™  This first-of-it’s kind program provides a free network of parking lot … Continue reading →
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    • Traffic Congestion: How To Fix It July 27, 2015
      TweetHere is a great email I got from Liviable Streets ———- The statistics show that each of us is driving less.  So why do our roads feel more jammed up?  Why does it take longer to get anywhere?  And what … Continue reading →
      Boston Biker
    • Back From The Corn July 27, 2015
      TweetI am back from Iowa, 520-ish miles over 6 days, lots of fun. Expect a full review post later.
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    • World Naked Bike Ride Last Night July 12, 2015
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