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East Boston Will Get Hubway This Year

Written by Boston Biker on Jun 22

From The City:


The Boston Transportation Department announced plans to bring the popular New Balance Hubway bike share program to 10 locations in East Boston this year.  These stations are in addition to 10 new stations opening this summer in Roxbury and northern Dorchester.


“By expanding Hubway across the harbor to East Boston, we are giving more of our residents access to bike-sharing, which is good for our economy, our environment and our health,” said Mayor Walsh. “We will continue to work to provide residents with a diverse range of transportation options.”


The New Balance Hubway system is regional public transportation by bike, owned by the municipalities of Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville.  With more than 13,000 annual members and over 100,000 short-term passes sold each year, the Hubway system will celebrate its 5th birthday this July and 5 million trips this fall.


“Bringing Hubway to East Boston is a major milestone for the program,” said Boston Transportation Commissioner Fiandaca.  “With these new stations, East Boston residents and visitors will have an active, fun way to get around the neighborhood.”


The Boston Transportation Department will work alongside the public to help plan the new stations.  Everyone is welcome to attend a community workshop on June 30 at the East Boston Public Library to talk about what makes a good location for a Hubway station and work together to identify general locations for new stations.  People will be able to prioritize specific locations via a survey conducted by street teams from the Neighborhood of Affordable Housing and the East Boston Social Center, via an online version of the survey, and by dropping by an open house on July 28.


Get ready to #takehubway in East Boston!

Key dates:

Community Workshop – June 30 6:30-8:00 p.m., East Boston Public Library

Community Open House – July 28, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., East Boston Public Library

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Hubway Station Are Re-Opening!

Written by Boston Biker on Mar 09

From Hubway:  (also its pretty crazy they are getting close to 4 MILLION rides!)


25+ Boston Stations Reopen, more this week!

We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather last week to get stations back out to Boston locations! In case you missed it, there was even one brand new station location.

Has your favorite station deployed yet? Keep an eye on Hubway’s blog for the latest updates & announcements. There are also a number of free apps (like Spotcycle) you can use to view all active stations & bike/dock availability on your phone. Ride safe: pull over before peeking at the map.

This week: an important event hosted by the City of Cambridge to help determine station siting; how two competitive Hubway-riding friends inspired a free burrito giveaway; and a reminder that Hubway’s 4 millionth rider (could be you!) receives a $250 gift certificate from New Balance. Plus, a special offer to follow the yellow brick road. It’s all in this edition of Hubway news, and you can #TakeHubway to all of it.

Hubway spring deployment schedule

We expect more than 110 available stations, including the 37 that operate year-round in Cambridge, by the end of March. That’s more than ever at this point in the season. Remaining stations will be rolled out in April, though please note that stations along the Boston Marathon route will not be accessible until after the race. Read More →

Help choose Dana Park’s permanent Hubway location

Dana Park’s Hubway Station will return to its temporary location this month, but the City of Cambridge wants your feedback about the site for its permanent home.#TakeHubway to the Central Square Branch Library for an open house on March 15th, 5-7pm. Can’t make it? That’s OK… Read More →

#TakeHubway & you could win!

Over 3,950,000 trips have been taken on Hubway all-time. Who will be Hubway’s 4 millionth rider? It could be you — what happens then?!? You could win a $250 gift card to New Balance! Read More →

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Some Hubway Stations Are Staying Open All Winter!

Written by Boston Biker on Dec 03

from Hubway:

This time of year brings out the best in Hubway riders. Case in point: last week’s#TakeHubway #GiveThanks #GetPie events saw riders bring in over 300 canned food items for donations. Here’s a pic of just some of the items along with members of our staff volunteering their time to collect and deliver the cans.

The generosity of our members made us even more excited to make this announcement: more Hubway stations will be open this winter than any other winter before! For the third year, almost all Cambridge stations will remain open year-round. Plus, more than 70 of Boston’s off-street stations and 2 in Somerville will stay open through December 31st, weather permitting! Click here to view the list of all stations open this winter.

With colder days expected, there are a few things to keep in mind while riding (or getting ready to ride). Check out Hubway’s winter-riding tips here.

With member perks, opportunities to add your voice to shaping the future of cycling in the metro-Boston area (see below), and an expanded Hubway season, there’s plenty of bike-related goodness for which to stay thankful (even after Thanksgiving).

Enjoy your wintry rides,
The Hubway Team

Boston Bikes is part of Boston’s vision for a vibrant and healthy city that benefits all, with the goal to make Boston a world-class bicycling city by creating safe and inviting conditions for residents and visitors.

The Boston Bikes Advisory Group (BBAG) consists of individuals who live, work, and/or bike in Boston. Members serve as liaisons to the greater biking community and advise the Active Transportation Director on priorities related to cycling in Boston including: the implementation of the network plan, safety and education campaigns, and community events. While the BBAG does not have authoritative power, members provide input that helps to shape the future of cycling in Boston.

During monthly meetings members have the opportunity to give input on the work of Boston Bikes and interface with others in the community who work on issues related to cycling in Boston. Outside of meetings, members are asked to support the work of Boston Bikes through various volunteer opportunities.


Winner of eight 2012 Tony Awards including BEST MUSICAL, ONCE is a truly original experience. Featuring an impressive ensemble of actor/musicians who play their own instruments onstage, ONCE tells the enchanting tale of a Dublin street musician who’s about to give up on his dream when a beautiful young woman takes a sudden interest in his haunting love songs.
“Once” is an unforgettable story about going for your dreams and the power of music to connect us all. Connect with “Once” with this special ticket offer for Hubway members only!
Hubway members receive 30% off tickets to select performances. Visit for tickets, and use code DREAM for available tickets for these performances while supplies last. Click here for details on available dates & performance times.


Hubway is growing and looking to hire a full-time Bike Mechanic.


Need holiday gifts? Bicycle Benefits is here to help! Get 10% off your entire purchase when you ride to Magpie at 416 Highland Ave in Somerville (the Davis Sq Hubway station will be open through December).
Show your Bike Benefits helmet sticker to get discounts on groceries, free coffees, ice cream, bananas, & deals all over town. Show your sticker when you visit businesses that are part of the program to get your deal. New businesses are joining every week.Visit the Bicycle Benefits website to see where. #bicyclebenefits


Harvard Allston Task Force Meeting, Thu, 12/3, 6-8pm, Harvard Innovation Lab, 125 Western Ave, Allston.
Show up, speak up!
Join this meeting of the task force to discuss Harvard’s planning & development in Allston, including ongoing implementation of community benefits and bike infrastructure & safety (if you’re there to bring it up). You can help shape the community and the City for decades to come. Get all the details here.

Brookline Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting
Mon, 12/7, 7-9pm, Brookline Town Hall, Room 408.

The Brookline Bicycle Advisory Committee is appointed by and advises the Brookline Transportation Board with a mission to encourage, plan for, advocate for, and advise about bicycling, and a goal to make the Town of Brookline a safe and accessible place to live and work for all citizens. Meetings are usually held monthly and are open to the public. Details available here.



Mass Pike Allston Reconstruction Meeting, Tue, 12/8, 6:30pm, Jackson Mann School, 40 Armington St, Allston. Over the next decade, the State will completely reform the I-90 turnpike, north and south Allston, Harvard, the connections to Soldier’s Field Road, and how you get to/from and across the Charles River. Be a part of supporting better public transportation, walking, biking, and mobility & livability in/through Allston and along the River. Find more information here.



Boston Bike Party, Fri, 12/11 (and the 2nd Friday of everymonth), 7pm, Copley Square. It’s Boston’s free monthly celebration on wheels! Just for fun! Party attitude required; lights, bells, and costumes encouraged! You’ve got a bike (or not, but then friends and Hubways are here for you) and a funky spirit? Come ride with us! Boston Bike Party is a monthly social group ride. We are friendly, open to any bicycle fantasy (show us what you’ve got) and ready to party. Click here to bike party.

Somerville Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting, Tue, 12/15, 6:30pm, Somerville City Hall, basement Employee Lounge, 93 Highland Avenue.
Meetings are open to the public, and membership is open to all residents with an interest in helping make Somerville a world-class city for bicycling.
Learn more about the Committee here.

Have an event we should be mentioning in our newsletter?
Tweet it to us @Hubway with hashtag #WhereToRide.

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Hubway Getting New Bicycles

Written by Boston Biker on Oct 20

Is it just me or do these look slightly lighter?  Maybe its just my imagination.



With the deployment of new stations over the past week, you might have noticed a few bikes that look, well, a little different. Over 100 of the new bikes, featuring redesigned, higher-quality parts designed to improve overall durability and ease of repair, have begun to roll out into the Hubway fleet. If you haven’t had a chance to test out one of these beauties yet, here’s what you should look for to track one down, along with some Pro Tips for making the most of your ride:
  • Seamless integration: First and foremost, no worries! The new bikes don’t require any special docking or undocking tricks. Check ’em out, ride ’em, and return ’em as you always have.
  • Gears: The new gears shift in the opposite direction as the old ones, twist away from you for a higher gear (for flat streets), twist towards you for a lower gear (for chugging up any of the bridges).
  • Kickstands: The new kickstands are based on a European model that provides more stability, but please note they may take a minute to get used to. As you kick them down, allow the two sides to separate into two legs. Kick them back up and they’ll spring back together again automatically.
  • Seats: These go to 11. Great for taller people and Spinal Tap fans. They also have a cut-out for comfort that allows water to drain and not pool (to help prevent cracking).
  • Lights: Both the front and rear lights are larger! Plus, like on the older bikes, they’re pedal-powered, but the new ones also keep the charge so your the lights stay on longer after you stop pedaling, which keeps you safer when you’re stopped at traffic lights, stop signs, or simply pulled over.
  • Fenders: The fenders now provide wider coverage to avoid those skunk-stripes of mud and water that may have previously adorned your shirt, jacket, or bag.
BONUS TIP: Save the shifters! Our mechanics suggest, “You’ll need to pause your pedal in order to shift, just for a second while you’re turning the shifter.” You’ll shift more smoothly and you’ll also help extend the life expectancy of the parts on the bike, ensuring that Hubway bikes will spend more time on the street and less time in the repair shop, improving the experience for every Hubway rider.
Let us know what you think of the new rides. Post your pics @Hubway.

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Hubway Reaches 150 Stations

Written by Boston Biker on Oct 20

From Hubway:


The stations have landed, cold weather be darned! 11 new stations, including Hubway’s 150th, have expanded the system both within and beyond the previous geographic footprint. If you haven’t seen the new stations or gotten a chance to ride the new bikes, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the season, as the Hubway mechanics and field team are busy making sure bikes are available to you as we get deeper into fall.

There’s big bike-related happenings continuing throughout Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville. Check below for news on the bike networks in Cambridge and Brookline, and an important bike detour in Somerville.

Need a bike to get you there? #TakeHubway.

Pedal on,

The Hubway Team

Follow Hubway on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

New, fully operational Hubway stations!




In front of St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center at Cambridge Street & Washington Street

(15 docks, off-street)


On Brock St next to Armstrong Ambulance

(19 docks, on-street)



At BHCC near Austin Street

(19 docks, off-street)


At the intersection kitty corner from the North American Indian Center of Boston

(15 docks, on-street)




This 15-dock station had been moved in April to accommodate construction, and has returned to its original location at Quincy Street & Kirkland Street.

Click here to check out all of our stations on the Hubway map.

Or use the Spotcycle app for smartphones or Hubway Tracker

for up to the minute system information and bike/dock availability.

Visit the Hubway website for all system alerts, news, and other announcements.

Join us for a public hearing to discuss the plan and sustainable transportation
TUESDAY, 10/20, 3:30PM


The fundamental guiding principal for the Cambridge Bicycle Plan is to enable people of all ages and abilities to bicycle safely and comfortable throughout the city. If you are interested in bicycle infrastructure and sustainable transportation in Cambridge, please join us for the presentation of the plan this Tuesday, October 20th, at3:30pm, in the Sullivan Chamber of Cambridge City Hall, 795 Mass Ave.
With your input, and the input of thousands of people in our community, we have developed a vision for where we as a city want to be, and this plan provides the framework for developing a network of Complete Streets and supporting programs and policies that will help meet this goal. Thank you for your contribution to this important effort!
SYSTEM ALERT: Beacon Street Reconstruction Project in Somerville
RESURFACING BEGINS THIS WEEK – Please note detours for cyclists!
On Thursday, October 22nd, and Friday, October 23rd (weather permitting), MassDOT contractors will be adding a temporary overlay resurfacing and restriping over the entire stretch of Beacon Street in Somerville in order to alleviate issues with the deteriorated road surface for drivers and cyclists, in advance of the full reconstruction, currently scheduled to begin in 2016. During this work, cyclists are strongly encouraged for their safety to seek the following alternate routes, designed to only minimally extend trips.
Phase I of the paving, on Thursday, will require the full closure of Beacon Street between Oxford & Washington Streets from 9am until approximately 9pm. Phase II, on Friday, will require the full closure of Beacon Street between Washington Street and the Cambridge line from 9am until approximately 9pm. Maps of the detour routes for bicycles, both eastbound from Porter to Inman and Westbound from Inman to Porter can be found by clicking here.
Hard copies of detour maps will also available in boxes near the Somerville/Cambridge city lines along Beacon Street, where electronic message boards will alert cyclists. Temporary detour signs will also be installed. This interim repaving measure will keep the roadway in smoother condition through the start of the full-depth reconstruction project next spring. For more details on the resurfacing along with a full-depth reconstruction timeline for Beacon Street, visit the Reconstruction Project website here.

Get a free beverage when you order two slices at Emma’s Pizzawhen you bike to the restaurant. Hubway members receive a little bike sticker with their membership. Stick it on your bike helmet and ride for discounts on groceries, free coffees, ice cream, bananas, and deals all over the Boston area. Just show your Bicycle Benefits helmet sticker when you visit businesses that are a part of the Bicycle Benefits program to get your deal. New businesses are joining every week. Visit the Bicycle Benefits website on your laptop or mobile device to see where.#bicyclebenefits



Hubway Expansion Press Conference & Ride, hosted by Boston Bikes, Thu, 10/22, 3pm, departing Brighton Center, arriving Franklin Park Zoo. Celebrate Hubway’s recent expansion with a ride from Brighton to Dorchester. At Hubway’s new Brighton Center station, hear from reps from Boston Bikes, Hubway supporters New Balance, Hubway operator Motivate, and other local partners, before grabbing a Hubway or your own bike for the ride to the new station at Franklin Park Zoo, to hear remarks from John Linehan (CEO of Franklin Park Zoo), reps from the Franklin Park Coalition, and Chris Osgood (Boston’s Chief of Streets).

Vision Plan for Route 9 East, Wed, 10/28, 7-9pm, Brookline Town Hall, Rm 103.

A team of graduate planning students at MIT are working on a vision plan for Route 9 East (Brookline/Boston Border – Cypress St). This is the first public meeting where the students will present their preliminary assessment of the area, and gather thoughts and feedback from residents, merchants, property owners and other stakeholders. Click here for more information.

Walk/Ride Day Challenge, Fri, 10/30.
It’s the final Walk/Ride Day of this year’s Corporate Challenge! No matter how you get to work, check-in your commute & get rewarded with bonuses at local businesses! It’s as simple as that! But we encourage you to use your two feet or two wheels.

Check-in your commute here.

Artistic Migration: A Community Public Art Project, Sat, 10/31, and Thu, 11/19, Brookline. Come see sculptor Frank Criscione & artist Evelyn Berde’s 6-foot tall bird, a collaboration with the Brookline Arts Center and YOU! Watch this public art project of hope, beauty, and community take shape with installations at Edward Devotion House on 10/31, and at Brookline Arts Center on 11/19. More details here.

16th Annual Boston Halloween Bike Ride, Sat, 10/31, 7pm, ride begins at Copley Square, Boston. The City’s most anticipated, most fun, and SPOOKIEST bike ride is back, and this time it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. On Halloween Night we slither and crawl through the streets with jaw dropping costumes, ear popping tunes, and traffic stopping magnitude! Route: Coming Soon! Final Destination: Secret Outdoor Dance Party! Check here for details as Halloween approaches!

Brookline Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting
Mon, 11/2, 7-9pm, Brookline Town Hall, Room 408.

The Brookline Bicycle Advisory Committee is appointed by and advises the Brookline Transportation Board with a mission to encourage, plan for, advocate for, and advise about bicycling, and a goal to make the Town of Brookline a safe and accessible place to live and work for all citizens. Meetings are usually held monthly and are open to the public. Details available here.

The 2015 Moving Together Conference: Healthy Transportation, Healthy Communities, Wed, 11/4, all day, Park Plaza Hotel, Boston. Panels highlighting pedestrian, bike, & public transportation topics; network across public, academic, & private sectors; site visits & mobile workshops led by engineers & bike/ped advocates; interactive training session for MassDOT’s Complete Streets Program. Registration open to the public. Presented by GreenDOT, MassDOT’s comprehensive sustainability policy that promotes the healthy transportation modes of walking, bicycling and transit. Learn more & register here.

Somerville Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting, Tue, 11/17, 6:30pm, Somerville City Hall, basement Employee Lounge, 93 Highland Avenue.
Meetings are open to the public, and membership is open to all residents with an interest in helping make Somerville a world-class city for bicycling.
Learn more about the Committee here.


Have an event we should be mentioning in our newsletter?

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First 9 of 15 New Hubway Stations Installed

Written by Boston Biker on Oct 14

From the city:


It’s been a very busy summer and fall planning, and siting, Boston’s first Hubway expansion since 2013. But at long last the first nine of fifteen new Hubway stations are up and running. We want to thank our newest sponsors, Gerding Edlen, Skanska/Watermark Seaport, and Wentworth Institute of Technology, for helping to make this expansion possible. And as always, we are very grateful for the generous support of New Balance.Check out our new station locations, and learn more about our process for choosing expansion sites.

Join us for our official launch event on October 22nd, celebrating Hubway’s growth into new Boston neighborhoods – we’ll be in Brighton Center (Washington St and Cambridge St) at 3:15pm and Franklin Park Zoo (Blue Hill Ave & Franklin Park Rd) at4:30pm. Come show your support for Hubway’s expansion!

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Help Hubway Decide Where To Expand Next

Written by Boston Biker on Aug 24

From The City:

Since Hubway’s last expansion in Boston, we’ve received over 33,000 suggestions for station locations. Based on that input and consultation with community-based organizations, we have developed a range of station options for our 2015 expansion. We have focused on options that are close enough to the existing network to ensure the stations will be successful.

Boston Bikes is committed to providing Hubway access in all densely populated neighborhoods and commercial centers of Boston, and we will continue to expand until we reach that goal. For now, we have the capacity to add 15 stations, 10 of which we ask you to help us locate (the other 5 are determined by station sponsors).

Please participate in our brief surveys! We ask that you provide your feedback only for the neighborhoods where you live, work, play, or ride – we’re looking for your local expertise to help shape our plan. Deadline for responses is 8/28/15.

The following map shows all options grouped by geographic area. To see maps of specific neighborhoods and to complete any of the surveys please scroll down or use the following links:


Vote Here

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Hubway Turns 4, Has Logged Over 4.6 Miles In Trips

Written by Boston Biker on Aug 17


If you take the 4 millionth trip you could win a prize!  From Hubway:

Hubway’s launched with 60 stations and 600 bikes throughout Boston, and the first trip was taken on July 28th, 2011. In the last four years we’ve seen expansion to Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville, along with an additional 79 stations (139 total) and 700 bikes (1,300 total), with further additions expected later this year along with Hubway’s 4 millionth trip. Check out the fun data graphic — we hope you’ll celebrate with us by taking a ride — and see below for plenty of suggestions for places to pedal. If you#TakeHubway‘s 4 millionth trip, you could win a $250 gift card from New Balance!

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