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Hubway Gets A New Support Number, And Installs Three New Stations

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 22

From Hubway:


Hello Hubway riders!

We only changed one digit, but it’s an important one. Starting today, Tuesday, April 22nd, Hubway Customer Support has a new phone number. Hubway’s keys, docks, bikes, and stations are designed to be intuitive, but if you ever need any help, ignore the old number on your key fob, drop us a line here, and we’ll be happy to help.

1-855-9HUBWAY (948-2929)

24 hours a day / 7 days a week

in English and Spanish.

If you have suggestions for future station locations, please continue to use our Station Locator Tool to tell us exactly where you want to see them.

Ride on,


The Hubway Team



We loved watching the thousands of athletes, volunteers, and spectators take part yesterday in the 118th Boston Marathon. Congratulations to all Hubway riders who participated. You have truly inspired us. Let us know who you are by reaching us onTwitter.


Now that the Marathon has concluded, 8 Hubway stations along the Marathon route in Brookline and Boston will be deployed to their locations from last season. In addition, 3 new stations listed below have recently been deployed, with a few more stations on the way this season as we approach a total of 140 stations.



Dana Park (Cambridgeport)

Danehy Park (North Cambridge)

Day Boulevard (South Boston)

View the entire Hubway station map here.

Please use the Spotcycle app for smartphones or Hubway Tracker

for up to the minute system information and bike/dock availability.

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Hubway Opening Day Party

Written by Boston Biker on Mar 31

from the email, looks like a good time!



Add a description
583 Boylston Street, Boston

This is no April Fool’s joke! System-wide Hubway begins anew as Boston, Brookline, and Somerville rejoin Cambridge operations. Join us to celebrate at the official reopening day party at the New Balance Experience Store* in Boston on Wednesday.

    Add a description Free burritos from Boloco.

    Add a description Free ice cream provided by Ben & Jerry’s Boston.

    Add a description Giveaways & discounts from New Balance, Hubway, Hub on Wheels, and more.

    Add a description Wally the Green Monster! Newbie the New Balance mascot!

    Add a description Dignitaries from Hubway member municipalities will speak.

    Add a description Get your picture taken in the Hubway photo booth!

    Add a description Free Hubway 24-Hour passes.

    Add a description Music & merriment!

RSVP to let us know you’ll be there for the fun!

Thank you to:

Add a description      Add a description       Add a description      Add a description

*PLEASE NOTE: While the Hubway station outside the New Balance Experience Store will be operational at the event, it will be removed temporarily prior to the Boston Marathon. The station will be deployed permanently for the season after April 21st.



Monday, March 31, 5:45pm, 6th Ann Boston Bike Update
RSVP HERE to join Boston Bikes Director Nicole Freedman in the “Great Room” at Faneuil Hall to learn how biking has doubled in Boston over the last 6 years, who helped to make it happen, and more about the future of biking in Boston!

Thursday, April 3, 10am, WalkBoston & MassBike present
the 3rd Annual Bike/Walk Summit This year’s event at the State House will feature Commissioner Cheryl Bartlett of the Department of Public Health, and it is free and open to the public.
Click here for details and a link to register.

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Hubway Opens April 2nd!

Written by Boston Biker on Mar 25

You have probably been seeing the stations being put back out, thats because its almost time for Hubway to open for the season!

More from Hubway Below.


Add a description
as Hubway reopens system-wide on Wednesday, April 2nd.

“Spring must be on its way if Hubway is setting up shop!”

“I get so excited when I see Hubway stations back again #springishere”

“Yaaaaasss can’t wait for Hubway season #suchatease.”


Snow may be on the way this week, but we have something for you to look forward to! Consider yourself the first to know: After a successful year-round pilot program in Cambridge, Hubway’s system-wide operations begin anew with an official reopening onWednesday, April 2nd.


The Hubway team has been hard at work deploying stations, and nearly 100 stations (out of 140) are expected to be operational by April 2nd, with most remaining stations to be rolled out in early April. Please note: stations along Boylston Street in Brookline and Boston will not be deployed until after the Boston Marathon.


For up-to-the-minute station, bike, and dock availability, we recommend using theSpotcycle smartphone app, or Hubway Tracker from a desktop computer.
Excited for the return of system-wide Hubway? Let us know why you plan to ride #HubwayEveryday. Take a peek at the video below and spread the word!

Get ready to ride.

The Team at Hubway

Post a short video telling us why, and you could be eligible to win stuff!

Upload your videos and post them to us via Twitter @Hubway

Need some ideas to inspire you?

Check out this video to hear why Molly and Claire ride…




Monday, March 31, 5:45pm, 6th Ann Boston Bike Update
RSVP HERE to join Boston Mayor Walsh & Boston Bikes Director Nicole Freedman in the “Great Room” at Faneuil Hall to learn how biking has doubled in Boston over the last 6 years, who helped to make it happen, and more about the future of biking in Boston!

Wednesday, April 2, Noon-2pm
Hubway’s Official System-Wide Reopening Day Party

Free food! Giveaways! Special Guests! Details announced 3/31.



Good things happen to people who share bicycles.

See below for offers available uniquely to you, our Hubway members and friends.


Instacart logo

Groceries delivered in 1 Hour to all of Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville. Hubway members click the Instacart logo to get$10 off your first order + free deliveryTry it now.

Heartbeat of Home ad1

Heartbeat of Home at the Citi Wang Theatre! Created by the Producers and Director of RiverdanceHeartbeat of Home is a music and dance spectacular featuring components of traditional Irish, Latin, & Afro-Cuban music & dance, and Hubway members can be the first to see it. Click the image & use code HUBHOHto receive 20% off select tickets to the 3/26, 3/27, 3/30 6:30pmonly, 4/2, 4/3, & 4/4 performances. Offer valid through 3/27.


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Hubway To Reopen Soon

Written by Boston Biker on Mar 17

Got this from Hubway, looks like they will all be back soon!


SPRING IS ON ITS WAY! Hubway’s full system reopening soon.
More daylight hours. Freak snowstorms. Hubway stations reappearing in Boston, Brookline, and Somerville. Two out of three of these are sure signs that spring is on the way. You may have noticed the arrival of some stations in your neighborhood over the last few days, and there are more to come in the next few weeks. We are looking forward to the system-wide reopening of Hubway very soon.


We will be sure to let you know when you will be able to Hubway across the entire network, but until then, continue to ride on in Cambridge! Please note that only Cambridge stations are operational at this time. Other stations will not accept bicycles until they are fully connected. Stay tuned to the Hubway website for the latest information, and check the Spotcycle app for available stations. If you have any questions about station availability, you can call customer service at 855-4HUBWAY (448-2929).


Spring will be here soon. Get ready to ride.


The Team at Hubway

DATA NERDS: REJOICE! 2013 Comprehensive Hubway Trip Data Released

Ever want to know which Hubway stations are the most popular? How long it takes to ride from South Station to Brookline Village? Or how many people take out bikes in the middle of the night? And where the heck are they going at that hour anyway?!?

Well, if you’re feeling creative, nerdy, or just downright curious, and want to play around with how Hubway trip data can provide a window into major travel patterns in metro-Boston, visit the Hubway Data Challenge page today! In February, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), in partnership with Hubway, the Cities of Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville, and the Town of Brookline, released new and comprehensive trip data.


In addition to the Data Visualizations submitted at the end of the 2012 season, you’ll have access to all sorts of data, including:

  • Duration of trips.
  • Trip start & end stations, dates, and times.
  • Individual Bike ID numbers.
  • Member Type (Annual, Monthly, Casual).
  • General member demographic info.
Find everything you’d want (and then some) for all Hubway rides through November 2013, packed into a tidy, downloadable 17 MB CSV. You can also register for direct access to the MAPC’s Data API. What breakthrough idea will you come up with?

The Boston Flower & Garden Show is big, exciting, and entertaining! It’s also the perfect place to hang out with us as together we await the efflorescence of spring and celebrate Hubway’s upcoming full-system reopening by giving away free 24-Hour passes! The show runs through March 16, and you can find us there on Saturday, March 15th. Click here for more information on the show!



“The country’s ‘leading bicycle movement’ has selected Boston as one of just six cities in the country to get new bike lanes designed to help keep cyclists separated from vehicles on the roadways…” Click here to read Steve Annear’s story.

“When Hubway teamed up with the awesome crew at Timbuk2 to present the #WinterWonderHubway photo contest, we knew we would be introduced to some of our most creative and dedicated Hubway riders…” Click here to read more and watch the video.

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Bixi Bankruptcy Wont Affect Hubway

Written by Boston Biker on Jan 23

I talked about this before, but its good to see that they don’t expect it to affect Hubway.


A Montreal-based equipment and technology supplier for Alta Bicycle Share, the company that manages Boston’s Hubway program, has filed for bankruptcy protection, but Hubway administrators say the bankruptcy will not have an effect on Boston’s bike-sharing program.

Bixi, also known as the Public Bike System Co., announced Monday that it has filed for bankruptcy protection to “allow the company to restructure its business and finances,” according to a company statement.

The company operates Montreal’s bike-share program and provides equipment and software for Alta, the company that manages Hubway and popular bike-sharing programs in New York City; Washington, D.C.; and Chicago. The comany was racked with financial challenges for years and saddled with almost $50 million in debt. Its announcement came as little surprise to Montreal officials, who had long expressed concerns about the company’s future.

Benjy Kantor, a spokesman for Hubway, said the challenges facing Bixi are not expected to have an impact on Hubway’s operations.

“We’re expecting that Hubway will continue to run without interruption, and plans are to expand the current operations once the full system launches in spring,” Kantor said. Since Hubway’s launch in summer 2011, the network of Hubway stations has grown dramatically, extending into Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline. The bike-sharing network also continues to grow denser. Two stations are scheduled to open in the Seaport District in the spring. (via)


More information about the new stations in the “innovation” district below (from a press release):

Jamestown Announces Hubway Outside Innovation & Design Building

$150,000 Installment to be Active this Spring

Jamestown Properties, a leading national real estate and investment firm,
announced today the installment plans for 2 Hubway Stations outside of the
Innovation and Design Building (IDB) that will be operational this spring.
This installment is just the beginning of an array of improvements planned
for IDB and the surrounding district.

Hubway, the bike sharing company, has taken the city by storm. Over 100
stations and 1,000 bikes can be found in various districts. Hubway provides
and promotes a healthy alternative to driving and erroneous city parking.
More than a mode of transportation, the bikes are utilized in the good
weather on scenic routes along the Charles, the Waterfront, and through the
Common. Jamestown has invested in a $100,000 sponsorship for the 2 stations,
and an additional $50,000 for the concrete pads, restriping, and access
ramps that will support them.

This momentum coincides with the City’s long-term vision for the
Innovation district, which is to create economic activity and jobs that will
enhance Boston’s economy and provide employment for residents. Hubway and
similar innovative companies exemplify the districts drive to create and
enhance connections within the community around them.

Jamestown is the owner of the Innovation & Design Building.



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Hubway Shutting Down For The Storm

Written by Boston Biker on Jan 01

From Hubway:


Due to a forecast of inclement weather, we will temporarily close Hubway at 5:00PM on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 to protect the safety of our members and staff. No bikes can be rented after the temporary closure has begun, though any bikes in use at the time can be returned to any Hubway station with an available dock.

We understand that forecasts vary and may change. Closure and re-opening information will be posted to the Hubway website, Facebook, and Twitter. Annual and monthly members will also be informed of closure and re-opening via email.

If you have any question about whether the system is open or closed, please call to speak with a Member Service Representative at 1-855-4HUBWAY (448-2929). The Hubway Severe Weather Closure Policy can be found here.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Team at Hubway

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The Growth Of Biking, And Bike Share

Written by Boston Biker on Dec 12

NPR had a great story today about the growth, and challenges of biking, and bike share programs.

Listen here, or here:

Here is a taste:

Millions of commuters across the country have a new way to get around. In the last few years, bike-sharing systems have popped up from Boston to Minnesota to Washington, D.C. They’re supposed to make commuting easier, greener and cheaper. But the people who arguably need these bikes the most are often the least likely to access them.

These bike-sharing systems have a lot of different names: Divvy, Hubway, Nice Ride. But they all work roughly the same way: you pick up a bike at one docking station, ride it and then lock it up at another station. And these systems have something else in common: the users so far tend to be young, male and wealthier than the rest of the population.

“The rates of low-income ridership in all bike-share programs around the world is pitifully low. So we can only do better,” Carolyn Samponaro of the Transportation Alternatives in New York, said. The Citi Bike system launched in New York earlier this year.

Samponaro and I met up at a docking station near a big public housing project in Brooklyn. It’s right across the street from a busy bike lane, and about two blocks from the foot of the Manhattan Bridge — in other words, a prime spot for bike commuting. But the docking station just sits there, full of bikes, waiting for riders. Samponaro said this unfortunately fits with the data so far.

“The rates of low-income ridership in all bike-share programs around the world is pitifully low. So we can only do better.”
“The demographic information I’ve seen to date is that it’s more men than women. And only 0.5 percent are low-income New Yorkers,” said Samponaro, who considers that a pretty poor rating.

Read the rest here.

What most excites me about this is that these programs are driving a change in thinking about how we build transportation systems. Bike share systems are perfect for people who need to save money, or get in shape. They are human scale designs. Almost everyone can ride a bike.

Sadly bike share systems seem to currently be focused on the affluent, they are in the business of making money, and currently rich people ride bikes more. This is can also be a good thing in the long run. It used to be that if you were rich you owned a car, if we shift this thinking to be “if you are rich you ride a bike” many more people will aspire to ride, and unlike the dream of car ownership, many more people will actually be able to achieve the dream of owning or riding a bicycle.

You can’t democratize a luxury like a car. Just look at the mess it has caused. Its destroying our planet, embroiling us in decades of wars, ruining our health, killing our populace, enabling horrible city design, and in general has been a failure. The same can not be said for the bicycle. If everyone in the world used a bicycle as their main mode of transportation it would prompt us to be healthy, to design our cities better, to use public transportation like trains for long distance travel, to be much more gentle on the environment, and we would have a radically different foreign policy. In short bicycles are not a luxury, they are a the foundation of a solid transportation system.

More bikes! More bike share systems! More access to these systems for the poor!

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Boston Bikes Update

Written by Boston Biker on Nov 21

Lots of good stuff below from the City Of Boston:

HelmetHub Launch


We are proud to announce that the first helmet vending machine in the country can be found at Boylston St and Mass Ave. This machine will help HelmetHub gather information and we hope to start the next Hubway season with more stations around the city. Make sure you visit the machine while you still can.


We are sad to announce that Hubway will be shutting down for the season. Station closures began on November 18th, and the 2013 season will end on November 27th. Please visit for information about specific station closures.

New Bike Lanes Installed
We’re on track to reach our goal of 20 miles of new bike lane in 2013! Have you seen or ridden on the latest additions to Boston’s bike infrastructure?

These lanes have recently been installed or are in progress:

  • VFW Parkway – From: Centre Street, To: Brookline Town line
  • VFW Parkway – From: Spring St, To: Brookline Town line
  • Mount Vernon St – From: Old Colony Ave, To: University Drive North
  • Freeport St – From: Dorchester Ave, To: Conley Street
  • Stuart / Huntington – From: Harcourt Ave, To: Dartmouth St
  • Adams St – From: Neponset, To: Hancock
  • Ashmont – From: Dorchester Ave, To: Neponset Ave
  • Cross Street / N Washington Street
Upcoming Public Meetings  
These meetings are part of the Connect Historic Boston project.
Atlantic Ave / Commercial St
11/20 – 6:00pm - Nazzaro Community Center, 30 N. Bennet St
The City of Boston will present a Concept Plan for Atlantic Avenue / Commercial Street (from Christopher Columbus Park to Hull Street) in the North End as part of the Connect Historic Boston initiative. The goal is to transform this corridor into a street with sufficient space for pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles to share the road comfortably.

Causeway St

11/21 – 6:00 pm - CBT Architects, 110 Canal St, 02114
This will be a public meeting to discuss the redesign of Causeway St.

Donate to Roll It Forward


“Though a bike may be thought of as a toy, it can also be a machine of empowerment that can change someone’s outlook on life.” -Canton Citizen
Recently, our work was highlighted in The Canton Citizen. The Canton Girl Scouts will be hosting a bike drive on November 24th from 12 – 3 pm at the Canton Public Library.

We are always accepting bike donations. If you have a bike to donate please visit If you would like to host a bike drive please contact our Community Programs Manager, Jenny Duquette,

BU’s new Bike Safety website is a valuable resource for cyclists of all abilities. It provides safe cycling tips, Boston cycling laws, and Charles River Campus and Medical Campus bike rack maps, and more.

With the new BU Bike Accident Toolkit, cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists have the ability to leverage the technology in their mobile device to create a digital record of their accident. Available free of charge to iPhone and Android users, this new app automatically records the date, time, and GPS coordinates, and prompts the user to ask the important questions and document the accident with photos, video, and recorded witness statements.



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    • Happy Earth Day! April 22, 2014
      Tweet   Happy Earth day.  Remember, earth is not just were we keep our stuff, its also the only planet we can live on.  You were going to anyway, but in case you needed motivation, bikes are in fact good … Continue reading →
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