Public meeting on Vernon St. Cycle Track Wednesday June 19th 6:30 – 8 p.m.

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We just learned of a meeting that the city is holding in 2 weeks to discuss installing a cycle track on Mt. Vernon St.  This street passes Harbor Point Housing and provides access to UMass Boston and the Harbor Walk along the bay.  Here is link to a map if you’re not familiar with the street Please attend if you can, spread the word and speak up in favor of this cycle track and cycle tracks in general.  More information on the meeting and issues below.

Public Meeting for Proposed Cycletrack on Mt. Vernon Street

Wednesday June 19, 2013 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Walter Denny Youth Center
270 Mt. Vernon Street, Dorchester

What are cycle tracks? 

Cycle tracks are sections of road designated for exclusive use by cyclists, physically protected from motor vehicle traffic. Paint or thermoplastic lane markings and flexible bollards plus accompanying signage mark the cycle tracks. Green paint is occasionally added for emphasis on select segments.

Why install cycle tracks? 

Mt. Vernon Street’s proximity to University of Massachusetts Boston, the Walter Denny Youth Center, UMass/JFK MBTA Station, and elementary and middle schools, makes bicycling a very desirable transportation choice. Currently few people bicycle because of fear of cars and high speeds on Mt. Vernon Street.  Cycle tracks dramatically improve comfort and allow new people to bike.

What about safety?

Cycle tracks are proven to make the roads safer for all users.  All proposed plans would improve safety in the following ways.

Designate a safe riding zone for cyclists;
Encourage cars to drive at slower, safer speeds;
Encourage cyclists to bicycle more respectfully and predictably; and,
Make pedestrians and drivers more aware of cyclists.

What are the project limits? 

The bike facilities being discussed would extend from William T. Morrissey Boulevard to University Drive.

What does the City do for education and enforcement?

The City supports facilities through education and enforcement of the rules of the road for cyclists and drivers.  Boston Police are key partners.

What is involved with installation?  Work typically occurs during the day or at night over 3-5 days.

Will parking be impacted?  Parking is currently not permitted on Mt. Vernon Street.

Will traffic be impacted?  One motor vehicle lane will be removed in each direction with this project.

Boston Bikes is part of Mayor Menino’s vision for a vibrant and healthy city that benefits all its citizens. It seeks to make Boston a world-class bicycling city by creating safe and inviting conditions for all residents and visitors.  For more information please call Nicole Freedman, Boston Bikes, <617-918-4456.

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