Livable Streets BU Bridge Update

Written by Boston Biker on Dec 21

from the email this morning, looks pretty sweet!




Today, the BU Bridge construction is complete! Bike lanes and improved pedestrian crossings are in!


2008                                this morning, 2011

LivableStreets has worked non-stop for the past three years to ensure that the Charles River bridges are designed to better accommodate biking, walking, and transit. Why? When the Massachusetts Legislature committed $3 billion dollars to reconstruct deficient bridges across Massachusetts, there were no plans to improve conditions for biking and walking on bridges across the Charles River.


Thanks to your signatures on postcards, your attendance at events, your voice at public meetings, all coalition partners, and your donations to LivableStreets, together, we are winning ground-breaking victories that challenge the status quo.


This is a major victory. Improvements to the BU Bridge have created a new vital link, providing more transportation options and new opportunities to integrate physical activity into our daily lives. We are witnessing a growing wave of interest in walking, bicycling, public transit and livable communities. This is a great time to show your support for better biking, walking, and public transit. Join LivableStreets today!


Today and tomorrow – Wednesday and Thursday – LivableStreets Ambassadors will be out on the BU Bridge between 8 and 9 AM giving out goodies and collecting thank you postcards to send to transportation officials to thank them for the new bridge. Come celebrate with us!


The BU Bridge used to be the major obstacle in my commute to the Longwood Medical Area,” LivableStreets member Emily Blood tells us. “Now I’ll bike more often, and it will be so much safer to cross.

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