Awesome Hungarian Bike To Word Campaign

Written by Boston Biker on Feb 23

Seriously after watching that who doesn’t want to ride to work? Plus that mustache (HOLY CRAP AWESOME!)

Anyone got a video camera and some time? I want to make a couple of these. for Boston

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2 Responses to “Awesome Hungarian Bike To Word Campaign”

  1. By i love espresso on May 28, 2010 | Reply

    yeah these are great!! why are none of our bike advocacy groups doing fun things like this? ok maybe not the third one on our prudish tv stations but come on! you know, soccer mom spices up her life by biking the brats to school, kids are Mensa material from biking, etc. i just realized i cannot remember the last time i saw a commercial FOR a bicycle on tv, though I don’t have cable and don’t watch much. sad.

  2. By skolkowo on Jul 13, 2010 | Reply

    That’s a really nice video. Especially for the cause for going green. It really gives out a clear and good message to the people. It’s high time we went green.

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