Riding Your Bike To Work Saves You A S#!tload Of Money

Written by Boston Biker on Nov 21

A recent report out shows that taking the MBTA to work every day saves you a whopping $12,834 a year by riding the T. So logically riding your bike would save you even more than that.

According to the November Transit Savings Report from the American Public Transportation Association, individuals who ride public transportation instead of getting behind the wheel can save, on average, $816 a month, and $9,798 annually.

For MBTA riders, those numbers are even higher.

The November study revealed that T travelers saved an average of $1,069 this month, and will pocket an extra $12,834 this year that would have otherwise been wasted on a parking spaces and gas for a car.

Boston transportation users also came in third for most money saved annually on a list of the top 20 major cities with the highest public transit ridership, the report said.

The Hub fell just behind New York City and San Francisco.

So congratulations, if you rode your bike to work every day this year you saved a minimum of 12 grand, but factoring in the cost of a monthly T-pass (of which you didn’t buy) you actually saved closer to 13 grand, or over 1,000 a month. Take that money and buy yourself a new bike!

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2 Responses to “Riding Your Bike To Work Saves You A S#!tload Of Money”

  1. By Dotbiker on Nov 21, 2012 | Reply

    That’s funny because the Mass Department of Transportation’s Nuride site that monitors the rides I make suggests I’ve saved $200 since the first of September riding almost 1000 miles… Guess their math is different. Funny because no matter what I don’t think I’ve ever spent $1000/mo on a car, even when I drove 40,000 miles per year when I travelled New England for work… Think you need to work on your #’s…

  2. By mm on Nov 21, 2012 | Reply

    these savings must presume that you owned and operated a car before and then ceased to do so once you started Ting/biking.

    I found that the major savings of biking vs. driving were gas and parking…which is not insubstantially but not $1k/month by any means.

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