Blue Line Trial Program: More Hours To Take Your Bike On The Blue Line

Written by Boston Biker on May 02

I am a little late to this, but it seems the MBTA is going to let bikes on the blue line two extra hours a day in an attempt to increase bike access to East Boston.

from the MBTA website.

(Updated March 2011)

This may be one of the most flexible and convenient ways to ride the T. We’ve upgraded the system with buses and trains that accommodate bikes, installed a variety of plentiful and well located parking facilities; and introduced the Bike CharlieCard. Combine the pleasure of riding your bicycle with the convenience of using public transportation to get where you need to go.

New this month: Expanded Bike Access to the Blue Line

The MBTA is expanding the hours that bicycles can be brought on Blue Line trains. This six-month pilot program will begin March 19, 2011.

When are bikes now allowed on the Blue Line?
Anytime except 7AM-9AM in the inbound direction and 4PM-6PM in the outbound direction.
Why the Blue Line only?
We recognize that Boston Harbor poses a barrier to cyclists to and from East Boston and welcome the opportunity to use existing Blue Line capacity to improve customer mobility. New bike hours are tailored specifically to Blue Line ridership levels. High ridership and crowding on other lines prohibits relaxing existing rules at this time.

Admittedly this is not an earth shattering change in policy (they shaved an hour off the restrictions in the am and another one in the pm), but it is a start. They also realize that its hard to get your bike to East Boston, and I have a feeling that they could have taken the restrictions off completely and it wouldn’t have been a very big deal.

Lets hope this continues!

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6 Responses to “Blue Line Trial Program: More Hours To Take Your Bike On The Blue Line”

  1. By Ron Newman on May 2, 2011 | Reply

    Actually it’s a little more than that, as the restrictions are now one-way rather than applying to all trips on the line.

  2. By cycler on May 2, 2011 | Reply

    More good news.
    I was talking to a guy who works for Massport and commutes from Roxbury to the airport by bike- it really sounds heinous riding up through the wholesale produce market. Maybe if the trial is successful they’ll lift the exclusions completely!

  3. By Marcie on May 3, 2011 | Reply

    I’ve been quietly lobbying for some sort of change for years. This is awesome. On another note, the Winthrop Ferry begins May 15th for its seasonal run between Winthrop and Rowes Wharf in Boston. Boston Harbor Cruises is super cool about allowing bikes on board.

  4. By Ron Newman on May 4, 2011 | Reply

    This is also a good place to remind cyclists that State station is a MUCH better place than Gov’t Center to get onto or off the Blue Line with a bicycle. At State, the Blue Line is immediately below the street level (and above the Orange Line). At Gov’t Center, the Blue Line is two levels down (below the Green Line).

  5. By Jason on May 5, 2011 | Reply

    An FYI for those planning on taking advantage of this pilot program – most T employees I’ve encountered at the blue line stations DO NOT know about this policy change (particularly Maverick). I even had one fellow call central control and they hadn’t heard of it. I suggest you print out the page from the MBTA website ( and have a few copies with you to hand out and show attendants and inspectors.

  6. By JJJ on May 6, 2011 | Reply

    What a great change. This is common sense, as that part of the city really is isolated.

    Do the silver line buses have bike racks? If not, they should get them, as the airport ride would be another good way to get across the harbor.

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