Group Of Anti-Bike Business Owners Form In Cambridge

Written by Boston Biker on Nov 16

Seems a couple business owners have decided bikes are bad for business and are trying to stop more bike infrastructure from being put in.

Their demands are largely incoherent and factually inaccurate, but they are making them anyway.

The meeting was lively but civil, even when resident Gary Mello alluded to two bicyclist deaths last year that kicked bike lane installation into higher gear and said bicyclists were “exploiting these deaths to advance their own agenda.” The line drew applause. (He explained later that the bicyclists’ agenda was “bike lanes on every street, overwhelming everything else we’ve got.”)

Those people went out and got themselves killed, just to ruin this guys business!  What an idiot he is.

I am pretty sure that if they decide to try and stop bicycle infrastructure we could use the exact same tactics to harm their business. Maybe cyclists stop going to their stores, maybe everyone who supports livable streets stops going to their stores, lets see how that affects their business.

The reality is that there is plenty of public input in these projects with multiple public meetings taking months and months, these folks just didn’t go to them.

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