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Group Of Anti-Bike Business Owners Form In Cambridge

Written by Boston Biker on Nov 16

Seems a couple business owners have decided bikes are bad for business and are trying to stop more bike infrastructure from being put in.

Their demands are largely incoherent and factually inaccurate, but they are making them anyway.

The meeting was lively but civil, even when resident Gary Mello alluded to two bicyclist deaths last year that kicked bike lane installation into higher gear and said bicyclists were “exploiting these deaths to advance their own agenda.” The line drew applause. (He explained later that the bicyclists’ agenda was “bike lanes on every street, overwhelming everything else we’ve got.”)

Those people went out and got themselves killed, just to ruin this guys business!  What an idiot he is.

I am pretty sure that if they decide to try and stop bicycle infrastructure we could use the exact same tactics to harm their business. Maybe cyclists stop going to their stores, maybe everyone who supports livable streets stops going to their stores, lets see how that affects their business.

The reality is that there is plenty of public input in these projects with multiple public meetings taking months and months, these folks just didn’t go to them.

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Two Days Left To Register To Vote In Cambridge!

Written by Boston Biker on Oct 16

From the email:


Are you registered to vote? The last day for Cambridge municipal election registration is this Wednesday, October 18 at 8pm.

Hi all,

All seats on Cambridge City Council are up for election this November 7, and the make-up of the Council is critical to making rapid progress toward safe biking infrastructure for all ages and abilities. The last day to register to vote in Cambridge municipal elections is this Wednesday, October 18 at 8pm. Spend two minutes to make sure you’re registered and send to five friends.

We know that our streets are still not safe for bikers and pedestrians, which is why CBS has laid out a bold Cambridge Bicycle Safety Platform requiring a clear timeline for fast-tracked implementation of the 20 miles of protected lanes called for in the city’s Bike Plan.To get the platform implemented and not take out the lanes we already have, we need councillors good on bikes, and that means we all need to vote!

Here are some of the Council policy orders that kick-started the last year’s pop-up protected lanes. We need many more.

Here is what we need to do before Wednesday:

1.  Check if you are registered to vote, and if not: Register yourself (unless you have a Mass drivers license, you have to print and mail or deliver in person)Send or deliver the signed form to: Cambridge Election Commission, 51 Inman St., Cambridge, MA 02139.

2.  Sign up to be reminded on election day to get out and vote. You can also join our facebook registration event to be reminded and share with your friends. If you know you will be out of town, you have to register in advance for an absentee ballot.

3. Forward this to 5 Cambridge friends.

(If you are a student, first-time voter, or registered in another state for national elections, this FAQ by MIT is super helpful.)

CBS has published statements of candidate signers to our platform, and will be publishing good actions and statements by candidates on our website and facebook page.

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Action: Sign Letter On Crucial Inman Square Redesign Changes

Written by Boston Biker on Jun 19

From the email:

Want to ensure that the design Cambridge is fast-tracking for Inman Square maximizes our ability to deliver on a vibrant, people-centered neighborhood? Please review and sign our letter calling for changes right now! Read on for more info.

As you know, the city is redesigning Inman Square and has selected a signalized design. The city’s proposed signalized design includes a number of essential features including protected bike lanes throughout the intersection, floating bus stops at the edges of the intersection, and a bus priority lane through a congested part of the intersection.

Unfortunately, the design also has two significant flaws that a coalition of neighborhood groups and residents, including Cambridge Bicycle Safety, are asking to be addressed.

  1. The current design includes four lanes of motor vehicle traffic in the heart of Inman Square, which represents a significant increase relative to the status quo.

  2. Because the design dedicates so much space to motor vehicles, it requires the removal of most of Vellucci Park, including a number of mature trees, in order to create space for cars to queue while still allowing for a new plaza space in front of Punjabi Dhaba.

These flaws are not necessary. The Inman Square Coalition has put together a list of recommendations for how the plan can be modified to avoid these flaws. The full list of recommendations is available here, and a letter to the City Council, City Manager, and other city staff in support of the core recommendations is available here.

TAKE ACTION: Please sign onto our letter requesting the city make these changes. Add your name here and share this email with your networks.

In addition to signing the letter, we encourage you to write your own thoughts to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].

We’ve placed some FAQs below.

The CBS core team


Q: Does the design really work with only two lanes?

A: Yes, the Coalition’s proposal has been reviewed by a traffic engineer and it works.

Q: What about the fire trucks, ambulances, etc? Will they be able to get through with only two lanes?

A: Yes, they will be able to get through. The two lanes will be wide enough for cars to pull over and allow fire trucks and ambulances to pass, just like they do on other two-lane streets around the city. The city’s other signalized design option included only two lanes, and although it was not chosen, the city gave it a thumbs up on public safety grounds.

Q: Doesn’t Vellucci Park suck anyway? Who cares?

A: Vellucci Park can and should get a makeover as part of the redesign process. But, its 40-year old trees – and their environmental and quality-of-life benefits – cannot easily be replaced. Also, even in the long run, the city’s design appears to create a net loss of contiguous open space, particularly when one looks closely at the placement of driveways in the proposed new plaza space. In contrast, if Vellucci is preserved and a new plaza space is created, the redesign results in a significant net increase in open space.

Q: Doesn’t the city’s design include protected bike lanes? Why are we still complaining?

A: Yes, the city’s design includes a number of awesome features, in particular, protected bike lanes throughout the intersection, which is a huge win for bike safety! However, that doesn’t mean that the design doesn’t have significant flaws, including safety flaws due to excessive speed at off-peak hours, etc., which the city should correct.

Q: I have additional concerns with the design. Should I still sign this letter?

A: Yes! And also send your other concerns separately. We are not claiming that this is an exhaustive list of concerns with the design. The Coalition’s two core recommendations are structural changes with the design that must be addressed ASAP in the design process, so it’s important to focus a broad consensus behind the need to make those two changes at this moment.

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Cambridge Releases Crash Report For The Year

Written by Boston Biker on Jun 02

Summary, lots of new riders, so more crashes, but crash rate down.  Overall good news, as the number of riders has skyrocketed the crash per-capita has gone down, meaning that more riders have lead to safer riding.

Still a lot of work to go, but its moving in the right direction (at least in Cambridge it is)


The Crime Analysis Unit at the Cambridge Police Department (CPD) has conducted analysis of the traffic crashes occurring within the CPD jurisdiction over the past 15 years. The available data includes crash calls for service (any call requesting police assistance related to a traffic collision), crash reports (any collision that is severe enough to require a police report), and incidents requiring transport to the hospital by Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

The Unit’s primary goal has been to understand trends in crash incidents in the context of population growth and changes in ridership (i.e., increasing numbers of bicyclists). This analysis resulted in the following conclusions:

x The total number of crashes occurring in the city has declined since the early 2000s, even as population and number of road users have increased. x While total crashes have declined, crashes involving cyclists increased by 28% from 2000 to 2015, corresponding with an increase in bike ridership. Normalizing for increases in bike ridership, the bike crash rate has declined since 2010, with more variability prior to 2010.

x A small portion of crashes required an EMS transport to the hospital – about 20% of crashes since 2010. Approximately half of crashes requiring EMS transport involved non-motorists.

x Crashes are distributed broadly across the city, with notable hotspots along Massachusetts Avenue from MIT to Central Square, the Harvard Square area, Massachusetts Avenue near Porter Square, and the Inman Square area.

x Two locations have had a particularly high incidence of crashes requiring EMS transport to the Hospital: Hampshire Street from Inman Square to Tremont Street, and Massachusetts Avenue from Vassar Street to Bigelow Street. These two locations accounted for 22% of all crashes requiring EMS transport in 2015 and 2016. These areas are heavily trafficked by cyclists and pedestrians, the road users most vulnerable to injury in the event of a crash. Other notable locations include the Kendall Square area near Broadway and Hampshire Street, along John F. Kennedy Street and Massachusetts Avenue near Harvard Square, and on Cambridge Street near 5th and 6th Streets

Read the full thing here (pdf)

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Come Out May 2 To Create A New Inman Square Safe For Everyone!

Written by Boston Biker on May 01

From the email:

Together, we’re making streets in Cambridge safer for all ages and abilities. As a result of our voices, we have seen some initial wins with pop-up lanes and great community support in favor of the city’s plans for Cambridge Street protected bike lanes. We need to continue this momentum this Tuesday, May 2 at the important Inman Square redesign meeting where the city will unveil the results of its months-long internal deliberations.

Cambridge St Update: 150 people showed up for the Cambridge Street protected bike lane meeting, and the tone was overwhelmingly positive, especially for making the street safe for the hundreds of CRLS students that bike or walk to school. Many bicyclists also emphasized the need to support local businesses and how this project can benefit them. The city has promised to begin construction in June, with one more public meeting between then and now, and we’ll keep you posted on how we can all make sure this project is a success.

Inman Sq Public Meeting: The other major project happening this Spring is the redesign of Inman Square, which will connect directly to the east end of the Cambridge Street protected bike lane. There is an important public meeting this Tuesday, May 2where city staff will present their preferred design and solicit feedback. All four of the designs presented at the last meeting, particularly the bend options, need significant changes to be as safe for all users as they can be. Thus, it’s crucial for as many of us as possible to come out on May 2 in support of safe, protected bicycle infrastructure and traffic calming! We deserve safe streets for all ages and abilities and the final design must reflect this.


When: Tuesday, May 2, 6-8pm (6-7: presentation, 7-8: discussion)

Where: Cambridge Public Library (Main Branch), Lower Level (L2)

Please RSVP so that your friends find out about it too!


Members of Cambridge Bike Safety have spent the last several months talking with local residents, businesses, neighborhood associations, and transportation professionals to understand how best to meet the needs of the community. CBS has put forward criteria for the project reflecting these conversations, based on safety, convenience, and environmental sustainability, and ranked the four proposed designs by the city. Read our full recommendation.

All plans meet the basic goal of providing safer bicycle facilities, in particular through the use of protected bicycle lanes. The Roundabout scores best on our metrics of safety, convenience, and environmental sustainability, with Bend Cambridge scoring second best.

Regardless of the design chosen, we expect that further changes will be needed, and Tuesday is a critical juncture to make these views known to the city.

Read our blog post for our full recommendation and considerations for all designs.

We hope to see you on May 2!


All of us at Cambridge Bike Safety

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