New Bike Kitchen Co-Op In Somerville

Written by Boston Biker on May 11

This sounds awesome!  A bike co-op where you can use the tools, and the collective information of the folks around you for a very reasonable price.


The Somerville Bike Kitchen (SBK) is a bicycle repair cooperative where members of the community can repair their own bikes, learn about about bike repair and attend bike events. The SBK located in a 190 sq. ft. space just outside of Davis Sq. The space is managed by four volunteer staff members and is open to the public and members for drop-in hours one night a week.


Presently, the space is open to the public and members from 6pm to 9pm every Tuesday evening. We are just getting started and are working toward having having more drop-in hours. Bike stands and tools are available on a first come first serve basis.


more info on their website.

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