Midnight Marathon Ride 2013

Written by Boston Biker on Mar 27

Got this in the email, seems like the MBTA is being awesome this year to accommodate the riders!  Thanks for the info Nick.


Nick from BostonSOS here.

Just wanted to give you the heads-up, we (BostonSOS and Greg Hum) just finalized plans with the MBTA/MBCR, and they’ve been super accommodating (like, uber-ridiculously-awesomely-

accommodating) in helping continue the Midnight Marathon dream.  Last year, we were hit with an unexpected 600+ attendance, and the MBTA scrambled to help us get out to Southborough.  It was not easy for them, and the experience gave them reservations in allowing the event to occur in 2013.

But after much discussion and a bit of negotiation, we came to an agreement.  It WILL happen this year, with a few changes.  Namely, to reduce conflicts with regular commuters and to ease the burden on their staff, the MBTA/MBCR has agreed to offer a special, bike-specific train running at 10pm with express service between South Station and Southborough!  (holy crap this is beyond awesome!)

So now we’ve got seats to fill, and would love to get the word out!

Thanks, let me know if you have any questions.
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———————————————————————————————————————————————2013 Midnight Marathon Bike Ride: Sunday, April 14, 2013

The increasing popularity of the event over the past several years has resulted in a strain on the resources of both the MBTA/MBCR.  Despite that, both organizations have been gracious and generous in helping make the 2013 Midnight Marathon ride happen, because they believe in biking, they believe in sustainable transportation, and they believe in your positive spirit!

To that end… get this: they have reserved an exclusive train to transport riders directly from Boston to Southborough!!!  This is big.  This is unprecedented.  This is awesome.  But because of this, there are a few important changes from years past:

– There will be an exclusive, one-time-only Midnight-Marathon train that departs at 10:00 pm on Sunday, April 14, and will run express between South Station and Southborough and will make no intermediate stops (no boarding at Back Bay or beyond; South Station only).  Please arrive at South Station by 9:00 pm to ensure prompt boarding.  It takes longer than you might think, especially when we’re loading you AND your bike!  If you arrive late, you might not be guaranteed a seat.

– Train tickets (see below) for this event are offered on a first-come/first-serve basis at a flat fee of $15.00 each.  While this cost is slightly in excess of the normal fare, it is necessary to help defray the cost of running an entirely exclusive cyclists-only train.  It’s a generous offer from the MBCR, and totally worth it (did we mention that we get our own train?!).

– A special departure ticket will be required for boarding, and will be available for purchase ONLY from the South Station Ticketing Office beginning on Monday, April 8th You will not be able to ride the train without a Midnight Marathon ticket.  Purchasing tickets in advance is advised, as space will be limited.

– Midnight Marathon riders will not be permitted to ride on the regularly scheduled 11:00 train as in years past.  All of MBCR’s resources will be focused on getting the group safely to to event on the special 10pm train, and Sunday’s Red Sox game – as well as Boston Marathon traffic – will necessitate that the scheduled 11pm train be available to regular commuters only.

– But that’s okay, because again, we’ve GOT OUR OWN TRAIN!!  10pm, folks.  Be there at 9pm.  South Station direct to Southborough!

– The MBTA/MBCR were awesome to us last year.  This year, they are being even more exceedingly accommodating by reserving a special train for Midnight Marathon riders, and are going above and beyond in ensuring that this year’s ride is efficient, fun and safe for all riders.  Please take a moment during the train ride to shower the employees/volunteers with love!

– Follow us at http://www.facebook.com/events/226885070787768/ for the latest updates/details/etc.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. By Sean Reilly on Mar 28, 2013 | Reply

    incredible. way to go mbta.

  2. By mm on Mar 28, 2013 | Reply

    way to go Greg Hum!

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