We Did It!, Bike Funding Safe, For Now

Written by Boston Biker on Nov 01

Seems your phone calls/emails worked again. Constant Vigilance!

From MassBike

Senators Kerry (far left) and Brown (far right)

For the second time in as many months, an outpouring of emails and calls to our senators has saved Transportation Enhancements from being eliminated. Thousands of concerned citizens across the country contacted their senators, resulting in 60 votes against Senator Paul’s (R-KY) amendment. Our own two senators, John Kerry and Scott Brown, voted against the amendment, a very promising show of bipartisanship in support of biking.

Unfortunately, this does not guarantee that bike funding is secure. In March, Congress will dive into the issue of a new transportation authorization, meaning that ALL surface transportation funding is back on the table. House Republicans have already indicated dramatically scaling back the federal role in transportation funding, probably meaning that little more than interstate highways would receive money.

Bipartisan support is key to our continued success in defending bike funding. We depend on our members and friends of biking to continue contacting members of Congress as these threats emerge. We will keep you posted as things develop in Washington.

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