Craigie Bridge Closure, What Do You Plan To Do?

Written by Boston Biker on Nov 05

As you may know, the Craigie bridge is closing tomorrow for a bunch of repairs…you can read more about the closure over at the MassBike website. I never really use the bridge, but I know a lot of others do.

MassBike claims that there will be bike access for the entire project (with some qualification, like you might have to walk at some point)

This is a major route between Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville for bicyclists and motorists. No inbound (Boston-bound) motor vehicle traffic will be permitted during November and again January-April 2011. Outbound (Cambridge- and Somerville-bound) travel lanes will remain open throughout the project. The good news is that two-way bicycle access will be maintained at all times, with a combination of shared travel lanes and shared sidewalk.

The outbound travel lanes will be marked as shared lanes so that motorists know to expect bicycles in the lane. Throughout the project, bicyclists may also share the sidewalks with pedestrians, but the sidewalks will be narrow (7 feet) and only one sidewalk will be open during November and January-April 2011 to serve two-way bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Bicyclists and pedestrians may be directed to cross from one side of the street to the other, but there will be a marked crosswalk with a crossing guard. As conditions dictate, bicyclists may be asked to walk their bikes across the temporary bridge.

Got this in the email today, and wondered if you all could give a fellow cyclist a hand. If you regularly cycle the Craigie how do you plan on getting around that area now that its going to be all torn up?

Beginning tomorrow the craigie street bridge will close for a month. I’ve been a long time follower of this blog and have found information on this site very useful on my daily commutes. I do access the beginning of the esplanade via this bridge. Could I trouble you to do a post about this bridge closure that may effect cyclists? Highlight alternate routes for cyclists? I am thinking longfellow bridge via memorial. or to the North End via charlestown near paul reverve park. I use to travel under the zakim bridge to the lockes, though seems illegal, but now its all closed up for no access. Any other ideas? Thank very much.

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3 Responses to “Craigie Bridge Closure, What Do You Plan To Do?”

  1. By Charlie on Nov 5, 2010 | Reply

    I’m planning to bike along the bridge to the new temporary mid-block crosswalk in front of the museum, cross over to the east sidewalk (the one that will still be open), and either bike or walk my bike the remainder of the way to Leverett Circle. I actually don’t think it will be that bad.

  2. By Ron Newman on Nov 6, 2010 | Reply

    I rode here twice today, inbound at 10:30 am and outbound at 12:30 pm.

    It seemed pretty easy both ways. Inbound I just rode down the Museum of Science driveway to the end, then continued down the sidewalk (on the same side of Route 28) to Leverett Circle. Outbound I just rode with the car traffic.

  3. By Charlie on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    I rode inbound on the bridge this morning. I was able to stay in the roadway up until I was directly in front of the Museum of Science, at which point I had to jump up onto the inbound sidewalk, which was open all the way to Leverett Circle. The outbound traffic is currently routed over the inbound bridge span, and crosses over to the outbound side of the road in front of the Museum.

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