Wow…Old Man Goes Crazy Tries To Kill A Bunch Of People With His Lexus

Written by Boston Biker on Aug 16

I honestly can’t say what exactly would be done to solve this problem, but holy shit people are too attached to their cars. From the Brookline Patch.

Police say Robert Nicosia, 66, sped through the park from the Jamiacaway to Pond Avenue, driving over grass and flower beds and weaving through trees at a time when the park was filled with people enjoying the warm Saturday afternoon.

The first officer on the scene reportedly tried to stop Nicosia as he sped along a paved walking path, but Nicosia reportedly pulled onto the grass and wove through several trees before going over the curb and driving down the wrong side of Pond Avenue. The officer reported that Nicosia appeared to be trying to strike a bicyclist that was fleeing him, but the cyclist was apparently able to stop short of the vehicle and turn around. (Read the rest here)

Seems that old man crazy driver got his mirror knocked off by a cyclists when they had a spat about the right of way. Now lets just assume for a while that the guy in a Lexus wasn’t being a total dangerous asshole and actually had the right of way, lets also assume that the cyclists was totally nuts and out of line and did smash his mirror off. No amount of smashing of property justifies driving your car up onto the sidewalk and potentially into large groups of pedestrians.

Can someone help to explain to me this puzzle. Some small subset of drivers seem to have no problem with hitting you with their car, but get really really really upset when you smack their car to let them know how close they are to smashing into you. Its like “I hit you that’s fine, you tap my car to avoid having me run you over…CRAZY!!!” If they were really worried about getting dents in their car wouldn’t they want to avoid running into you in the first place? Hitting me with your car will put a significantly larger dent in your car than my hand giving your window a gentle rap to let you know you are about to run me over, so chill the fuck out.

I think we can say several things about this situation. One, be polite. Two, don’t get in fights. Three, don’t damage each other or each others property. Four, don’t freak the fuck out and try to kill a bunch innocent bystanders with your Lexus. Five, you aren’t going to catch cyclists, they are fast.

What Mr. Nicosia did catch was a whole lot of trouble from the law.

He was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, operating to endanger, disorderly conduct, trespassing, restricted way violation and marked lane violation.

Wow….just wow…

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19 Responses to “Wow…Old Man Goes Crazy Tries To Kill A Bunch Of People With His Lexus”

  1. By dfern on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    I read somewhere that another cyclist was hit in that area early Saturday.

  2. By frank on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    This is why, after biking al my life (in my 30s) I have stopped biking in Boston. Its a dangerous place, and Menino has yet to really step up enforcement of all the car people who chronically break the law (not coming to a complete stop at stop signs, taking a right on red without stopping, speeding) or really making a case to the car people of Boston that they need to stop being such aggressive assholes. He is too afraid of losing votes to the suburban mindest of the voters of West Roxbury/Hyde Park types.

    And please, you think this driver will actually face any real punishment? How many cyclists have been hit or killed recently, and how many of the killers/attackers have faced anything more than a wag of the finger?

  3. By William Furr on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    I hope this guy does some time in prison for that.

    Also, shouldn’t it be assault with a *deadly* weapon? Cars kill people.

  4. By patrick on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    i’ma go out on a limb and say the crazy motherfucker who tries to kill people with his car was also wrong about who has the right of way.

  5. By mtalinm on Aug 16, 2010 | Reply

    yikes, that’s one of my routes to work

    but let’s not look the other way re: the fact that the cyclist knocked off the guy’s mirror

  6. By John on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply

    Hyde Park IS NOT suburban. It’s very much urban. West Roxbury and Moss Hill, Jamaica Plain are as close as you’ll get within the City of Boston limits to a suburban feel, but even West Roxbury is more dense than most suburbs.

  7. By John on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply

    I grew up in The Bronx/Manhattan and Boston/J.P./Somerville. Rode my bike all over including for years commuting to work by bike from Cleveland Circle to MGH. I never once got into a fight/damaged a vehicle. I can’t even recall flipping the bird to anyone. Boston and NYC are very densely populated and built up places and bike riders can’t expect them to be like Burlington,VT. Riding a bike in a big city is fraught with dangers and nothing will change this. People on bikes and others simply have to be hyper alert on the road.

  8. By Holden on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply

    As close as a car gets to you, you have no right to hit that car as a warning with your hand, bike bag otherwise on purpose in my opinion. I have had my fair share of run ins while riding but have never felt a need to hit the car. If he hits me, I’ll get the plate and press charges, report the car, or file a claim, but I have no right to smack his car as a warning that is uncalled for.

    I tend to ride down Comm, Brighton and Beacon to work or friends and have seen people doing such things and even my friends have done it. But I think it diminishes our arguments about drivers anger and road rage towards us when we take things into our own hands with “violent outbursts”.

    If a biker breaks off a cars mirror what steps could the car ever take to get compensated? Clearly can’t chase you safely through the city to pursue or get any of your information to collect.

    Steps like this will likely lead to registering bikers with numbers like license plates to allow them to be tracked down for vandalism and other road rage or causing incidents on the road between cars by our irresponsible running of red lights so often discussed on this site.

    Cars cause car accidents and bike accidents, bikes cause bike accidents and car accidents. Sure there are more cars so they cause more, but the number of bikers I watch ride by me in the crosswalk through a red light or just plain through a red light is becoming ridiculous.

  9. By 100psi on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply

    i’m impressed this guy could out pedal an angry motorist pursuing at 30-40mph. dude’s got skills.

  10. By mtalinm on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply

    what Holen said.

    btw, maybe driving does make you stupid:

  11. By Marianna on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply

    I’d rather tap a window as a warning (NOT a threat) than wait till I get hit, suffer through an injury that on a GOOD day might only BOTHER me the rest of my life, and then be told by the officer on the scene that they’ll “look into it” – even though I hand them the plate information.

  12. By Sang on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply

    If the car was coming too close, I think it’s reasonable to give a warning with a tap(as long as you are not breaking stuff). I was riding with my children in trailer, and there were a few cars actually stepping on gas and coming rather close(less than 3 feet).

    Most people were nice enough to slow down and give enough room, but I see jerks like those and makes me angry/fearful to ride, especially with kids.
    Crazy thing is, the car had bike racks..

  13. By Andres Salomon on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply

    Holden, you’re crazy if you think it makes sense to just let yourself get hit by a car rather than warning it with a smack. I’ve only had to do it once, but had I not done it, the driver wouldn’t have seen me until I was on the ground.

  14. By rickross on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply

    Two words: open carry. It’s legal in Mass if you have an LTC Class A. Get a small of the back holster, so your firearm will be good and visible to the minority of drivers who might do you harm. If some dude in a pickup calls you a c**t, you still have to de-escalate and leave the situation. Train with it, recognize that it’s as deadly as a car, and know that you will probably face criminal charges if you are ever forced to use it. That said, even the most arrogant and inconsiderate of drivers will think twice about starting an altercation with a clearly armed cyclist. Guns + bikes = awesomeness on wheels.

  15. By Holden on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply


    I have no problem tapping a window or signaling for space I’m not saying just let people hit you with their cars at will. But I am saying you have no right to wack their car with your hand like I watch in Boston at times, or break a mirror or cause any damage. I have ridden in this city and had friends who ride in this city for years and it is part of being on the road, just like a small car vs a tractor trailor, you have equal rights to the road but he sure isn’t going to yield for your Geo Metro when it comes down to it, because he will win.

    I’d love to see some changes in the biking laws, motor vehicle laws, pedestrian laws and all around education. When you took drivers ed did you learn anything about bike laws? I sure didn’t so I grew up largely ignorant to it because I had no idea I learned the road was for cars and pedestrians could cross in sidewalks or I’d get a ticket for not letting them.

    As I said people from all walks of live and all modes of transportation break the rules, we see motorists and cyclists hurt/killed/maimed because of it and it’s a shame but all sides have their flaws. Go for a ride or walk down Comm and count the cyclists that blow through lights that are dead red, not racing to beat a yellow, flat red. Even if you stop and then continue still breaking the law but they do it. I’ve heard Ohio has some law where for a cyclist Stop signs are yields and red lights are stops, but in MA last time I checked that wasn’t the case. So if you want equal claim to the road follow the rules as a responsible biker as well as motorist. When I drive a car I don’t just stop and then roll right through a red light so why should I do it on a bike if I’m claiming equal rights to the road?

    Protect yourself yes, but more importantly educate yourself. We are the minority and look worse if we do bad things or cause a pain for motorists. They resent us more if we do, motorists hate critical mass because of this (I am not a fan at all I think it only serves to hurt us at times). If that same group of people from critical mass just rode the streets responsibly when they weren’t with the group and adhered to the rules and got more friends and aquaintances to start riding with them and begin to make the culture more noticeable in a good (green / healthy / less cars on the road for inner city trips) then maybe the attention we received would give us more push. Otherwise resent resent resent.

  16. By Holden on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply

    Rick Ross, you make me nervous. The fact that you could carry makes me nervous that you even think of it. Heated argument + firearm is never a good mix nor should a firearm be used for intimidation. They should be used for protection in the event that you become the victim, not so you can become the aggressor and even start to worry about criminal charges or deescalation. I hope that you never cross a motorist you has a quicker draw than you and your kamikaze gun toting biking awesomeness do.

    Leave the gun at home and let cooler heads prevail. Ride intelligently and alert and take care of yourself.

  17. By 3.14159 on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply


    While open carry isn’t *technically* illegal in MA, you’ll still get your LTC revoked forever for even attempting it here. Open carry is retarded anyway and serves only to make everybody around you extremely nervous. Don’t do it.

    Small-of-back (SOB) carry is a bad idea too, not only in general but especially if you’re on a bike. You don’t want a big, heavy object made of metal and/or hard ABS plastic resting tightly against your lower spine for reasons that should be immediately clear. It’s tough to draw from SOB position anyway, and it’s especially hard to draw without muzzle-sweeping just about everything and everyone on your strong side.

    I’m a gun geek so I’m not picking on your post in a knee-jerk anti-gun fashion, but it’s some pretty dangerous advice and I hope nobody takes it seriously or thinks it’s the opinion of the average gun owner. I do often carry concealed on my bike, especially if I’m touring/camping, but I don’t think there is a safe way to use a firearm while engaged in the act of riding a bicycle and strongly recommend against carrying for that specific purpose.

  18. By Chris on Aug 17, 2010 | Reply

    So how about a black metallic water pistol in a holster? Or is that illegal in this nanny state?

    Another idea is to carry one of those small air horns that are used on sailboats. Small, self-contained, fit in a jersey pocket, 100% legal, and are *ing loud. They work even better in summer when the driver in question has their windows down.

  19. By Jay on Aug 18, 2010 | Reply

    Ugh, we don’t need gun nuts like Rick Roll on our side.
    Neva gona give… neva gona give… (give you up)

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