Bike Jobs: Multiple Job Openings

Written by Boston Biker on Jan 12

Here is a little mini-roundup of jobs in the area, go get employed!


Boston Bikes is Hiring

Boston Bikes, the City agency, is hiring for a Safety Manager.

Landry’s is Hiring

Landry’s Bicycles is hiring for Bicycle Mechanics and Assemblers, Sales Associates, and a Delivery Driver.

Urban Adventours is Hiring

Urban Adventours is a growing company, currently hiring for multiple positions including: Tour Guide and Cycling Ambassador, Marketing Manager, Marketing Assistant, Mechanic, Sales Manager, and Customer Service Manager.


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3 Responses to “Bike Jobs: Multiple Job Openings”

  1. By B on Jan 12, 2012 | Reply

    From the Boston job description: “Willingness to bike to/from meetings”

    That’s rich. Last year at the Bike Czarina’s annual presentation, a friend asked her beforehand: “Did you bike here?” and the response was a snort and “no, are you kidding?”

    That was the big public bike meeting at Boston Public Library where the bike racks were under 3 feet of snow and you couldn’t find a signpost within blocks to lock up to.

  2. By Boston Biker on Jan 12, 2012 | Reply


    Are you serious? I have personally seen Nicole Freedman ride through the shittiest weather imaginable for any number of reasons…did you really feel your comment was anything other than cowardly (you didn’t even leave a name), and completely not useful? I challenge you to justify it in anyway.

  3. By Z on Jan 12, 2012 | Reply

    Yeah, I’m serious. Heaven forbid someone speak out against the groupthink, huh? I forgot, biking in Boston is a bowl of cherries.

    Menino’s idea of bike safety is to wag his finger at us for running red lights and not wearing helmets, and trundle his fat ass over to the legislature to get the fine quadrupled.

    The bike share system is heavily divided on racial lines; it doesn’t have any stations in latino, black, or low-income neighborhoods.

    We keep hearing about those 38 miles of bike lanes and 750 bike racks “since 2007” – “since 2007”, because nobody in the city wants to talk about the near-complete-stall in progress since, or the fact that none of those bike lanes went to the highest injury areas, like Mass Ave, which only now is finally getting attention.

    Or the fact that when some Good Ol Boys in Charlestown didn’t like a bike lane in front of their stores, the Mayor broke fucking land-speed records to rip it up (and then lay it down a couple months later again, after people in the cycling community had to show up at yet more meetings and demand they be put back.)

    This is the mayor who parked his giant hulking SUV on a bike lane he was announcing to the press.

    One of the Boston-area transportation funds had almost a million dollars sitting in its coffers for bike rack purchase AND INSTALLATION, which it repeatedly notified area transpo officials would go to waste…and Boston completely ignored it, probably because the city was tied up giving Alta blowjobs for its bike RENTAL program. So cycling becomes more popular in Boston, and now we can’t find places to lock up our bikes. The city’s answer? Oh, use our bike RENTAL program.

    When Eric Hunt was run over by a 39 bus, the response by the city was swift…to throw together a “safety summit” where all the speakers were government officials who spend most of the summit lecturing the audience- and most of them haven’t stepped on a bike since their summer vacation with their kids, on a bike path. Hey guys, if you know everything, why do I feel like I’m running a gauntlet every day I get on my bike?

    PSA campaigns supporting cycling? A joke.

    Enforcement of the dooring law? Non-existent.

    Education of BPD officers? Watch any bike patrol unit and you tell me. Get hit by a car and enjoy reading the farce of a police report that blames you.

    Kowtowing to idiots who complain about non-existent biker menacing pedestrians? Check.

    Arrogant efforts like the “Bike friday” days, where the destinations aren’t where people work, but city hall? Who the fuck wants to ride to city hall in the morning, only to have to bike BACK to work during rush hour? And let’s not forget Burritogate, where the city demanded free burritos from Boloco and then had the audacity to threaten to shut them down

    Support of community organizations? The mayor’s bike donate-a-junk-bike program handed business to the biggest and richest stores like Lawyer’s, I mean, Landry’s…not local shops and community organizations like Bikes Not Bombs.

    But hey, keep giving the mayor and Nicole the Czarina a free pass. Keep buttering them up, supporting them, telling everyone how great they are.

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