Intrepid Bicycle Bloggers Wanted

Written by Boston Biker on Mar 25

Dear Cycling Word Nerds

I am looking for some authors that would be interested in contributing to on a regular/semi-regular basis. I am looking for a more diverse point of view than I myself can provide (as I am just one lowly biker among many).

Specifically I am looking for people to write about the following:

Daily commuting in Boston
Infrastructure issues
Political stuff relating to bikes
Family biking (with kids or without)
Touring around the Boston area
Science of cycling related issues
Personal experience pieces
Anything Boston/bicycle related

So if you think you have something to say about cycling and can say it in an interesting way, get in touch with me. [email protected]

This offer also goes out to the many fine writers that area already blogging on, if you have a piece you think deserves some front page attention let me know I know for a fact a lot of you write amazing stuff, and I would love to highlight your brilliance.

You will retain full rights and usage of your work.

Ps. Unfortunately I don’t have anything to offer, but you would get to see your work appear next to my ramblings on a somewhat visited bike blog 🙂 And maybe if we ever meet in real life I will give you a high five and a free bike tube…

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