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Custom Bell

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 27


Made this little gem for Geekhouse Bikes.


EDIT:  It was asked how it sounds.

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Geekhouse Bikes Moving To MASSIVE Space You Can Come Too!

Written by Boston Biker on Jan 09

Saw this on Geekhouse’s website. Seems Geekhouse is moving to a giant space, and they got space for you too!

Makers, manufacturers, artists, photographers, graphic designers, programmers, if you are the kind of person who is making something we are looking for you. HQ Boston is the premiere location in Boston for small to medium scale manufacturing. We have tens of thousands of square feet of space ready to be turned into your next workshop, studio, or work space. Space is able to be ordered in increments of 500ft, 1000ft and 2000ft, we can accept anyone from small hand crafted shops, to medium scale semi-industrial facilities.

This is flex space, you will be able to get more as your business grows HQ Boston also boasts two working freight elevators, a shared gallery and conference room, fun community setting, and best of all reasonable rent (for real!). We are also in the heart of the Boston innovation district one of the fastest growing areas in Massachusetts. HQ Boston will be for people who want to make things, people who value being green and bicycle friendly, who know the value of solid quality built products.

Also this amazing bit of video.

Headquarters Boston from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.

See more pics of the space here.

Also watch this space for more info

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Roll It Forward Campaign Sweetens The Deal

Written by Boston Biker on Jan 25

I talked a while back about the Roll It Forward bike donation program that the City was running. Seems they have sweetened the deal with the offer of free jerseys AND the chance to win a sweet paint job from Sugar Coat (part of Geekhouse Bikes).


Free bike Jersey with bike donation!

We still have a few bike jerseys available as a thank-you to those of you who donate your bike before March 15th. Sizes are limited, so bring your bike into one of our partner shops as soon as possible!
You must email [email protected] for a copy of the bike jersey claim form. Offer Expires: March 15 or when jersey sizes run out.

Sugarcoat by Geekhouse Bikes is sponsoring a powder coat raffle to help spur more bike donations! When you donate a high-quality* bike to Roll it Forward, you will be entered into a raffle for one of 5 free powder coat and priming packages being offered by Geekhouse Bikes. Look at the beautiful work they can do for your old bike and then read below the slideshow for more information about the promotion.

Geekhouse Bikes is a custom bicycle frame builder based right here in Boston. Sugarcoat is their in-house painting service for the bikes you already have. It’s amazing what they can do to revitalize that bike of yours that you know you’ll keep forever but that might need a light makeover. Their full powder coat services are listed here, but with a donation to Roll it Forward you could get a powder coat package valued at $300 for FREE! The prize package includes a selection from 20 colors, assembly and disassembly, and prep and finish work including tapping, reaming, and facing the painted bike.

The Rules:
1) Due to the value of this prize package, the contest is available only for qualified bicycle donations.
Donations must be relatively modern offerings (circa 1996 onward) from a name-brand bicycle company carried at a bike store (such as Giant, Trek, Specialized, Gary Fisher, Kona, Marin, Surly, Raleigh, Jamis, Bianchi, GT, Cannondale, Fuji, Rocky Mountain, etc).

Bicycles originally retailing for under $250, including all department store bikes *and kids bikes of all brands* are not eligible for this raffle, although we will still accept them for the program. 24″ wheel bikes from brands mentioned above are the only exception.

2) While it is ok if the bicycle may need repair, it absolutely will not be considered for the raffle if it shows any signs of rust or disrepair at the level described here:

3) Multiple bike donations translate to multiple raffle entries, provided each donated bike meets the standards above.

4) Once winners are selected they will be put directly into contact with Geekhouse Bikes to make all necessary arrangements. Until then please direct all inquiries about the raffle to Roll it Forward and not to Geekhouse.

What you need to do:
1) Send an email to Roll it Forward including the make and model of the bike(s) you intend to donate and how you heard about the promotion. If you have photos, attach them. This serves as your request for the special raffle entry form. We will then email you a raffle form to take with you to your participating bike shop.

2) Take the bike and the form with you when you donate your bike. Take it direct to the bike service area to ensure that they fill it out properly for you. List of donation locations.

3) Remember you’re also eligible for our free bike jersey offer as well! When you email us about the raffle we’ll also send you the bike jersey claim form.

Why powder coat my bike? Powder coating is a great investment for your bike, and not just because it’ll be looking so good! The paint is your bike’s first line of defense against the elements, effectively sealing the metal of your bike against water, grit, and grime. In addition, the process to repaint a bike gives you the opportunity to “winterize” your bike frame’s internals with options such as J.P. Weiglel Frame saver (for steel frames), reaming, facing, and chasing essential bearing locations around the headset and bottom bracket. So after you repaint your bike, it’ll ride well for the long haul.

To learn more about Geekhouse Bikes, Sugarcoat Powder Coating and more: Sign Up for the Geekhouse Bikes newsletter at

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Lovely Bicycle Visits Geekhouse

Written by Boston Biker on Dec 06

I nearly had to perform rescue breathing on Greg from Geekhouse the other day, but luckily for all of us he is immune to cars, and bounced instead of splatted. Lovely Bicycle has a wonderful blog post up about her recent visit to the shop.

Greg. The mans mustache makes him immune to car attack, and gives him +2 charisma

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Geekhouse Bikes in Allston, Mass. A region of greater Boston that’s just across the river from Cambridge, Allston is notorious for how dangerous it is to cycle there and I was fully prepared for a journey fraught with peril. Instead, I found myself pedaling along a bike lane followed by a series of quiet streets – at the end of which was Geekhouse, nestled picturesquely between a white picket fence and a rusty chainlink fence, amidst rows of family homes with tidy back yards offset by a sinister-looking warehouse in the distance.

Read the rest here.

If you are in the market for an awesome bike made by a local check out Geekhouse, and you should really be reading Lovely Bicycle, its a great blog.

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GeekHouse Open House For Bay State Bike Week

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 05

One of our favorite local bike builders is throwing another bay state bike week open house! Ohh Yea!


Main Contact Name
Marty Walsh

Main Contact Email
[email protected]




address: 15 West Sorrento St
city: Allston
zip: 02134

Event Description
Geekhouse Open House

Marty and the Lower Allston 5 are throwing their yearly Open (Geek)House during MassBike and MassDot’s Bay State Bike Week. The crowds will gather at 3PM on Saturday May 22nd.

Per usual, beer! Also, a raffle and free BBQ (while supplies last) with all ticket sales and donations going directly to the Autism Society of America on behalf of our first sponsored charity ride, Tour de Geek.

Open your hearts and recycled inner tube wallets in support of our 1Power4Autism ride from Boston to San Francisco. Gregory and Bianca will be dancing it up at the open house because they are graduating on May 23rd and then leaving one week later on June 1st- what a week! Come say ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ to these two before they take the first ever coast to coast ride on, not one but TWO, Geekhouse Bikes!

We love our local bike community and we simply wouldn’t exist without the support of our tightly knit community of family, friends, designers, engineers, loan disbursement officials, welders, fellow frame-builders, mailmen, and of course the cycling advocates that BSBW is all about.

Before the party: join us on a relaxed pace ride from 12-2. Bring your Geekhouse! More info on our blog.

Ride. Party. Repeat.

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