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Mayors Announce Multi-City Initiative To Improve Cycling Infrastructure

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 01

I got this press release in the email today, this looks amazing! More info when I get it.

Its about time something like this happened!


Taking a break from his annual Palm Sunday breakfast fundraiser, Mayor Menino announced today at a press conference in Dorchester that the city of Boston will be partnering with Somerville and Quincy to fund a multi-year push to improve cycling infrastructure. He was joined by the mayors of Somerville, and Quincy, Joseph Curtatone, and Thomas P Koch.

The multi-city consortium plans on setting aside $28.25 million dollars over the next five years to develop world class cycling infrastructure, with a goal of allowing rapid cycling transit between the various cities.

“Our first push will be to remove a lane from 93 and devote it entirely to cycling.” Said Nicole Freedman, head of the city of Boston’s bicycle programs.

This revolutionary design will replace the right most south bound lane, replacing is with a two way high speed cycle track system. Removing one lane of traffic from the chronically congested highway is expected to reduce asthma rates in the surrounding cities by 25%, while at the same time reducing the number of people stuck in traffic by 33%.

“Beantown might be Greentown, but Somerville, is going to be Superville and Quincy is going to be, well Quincy is still going to be Quincy, but it will still be awesome to be able to ride your bike on the highway.” Said Mayor Joseph Curtatone

“We have partnered with Boloco to provide what we are calling ‘Cycle stops.’ These little stands will take up another lane on 93, but we felt it was important to provide support for cyclists.” Said the mayor “Plus have you tasted these things, they are wicked good” Prompting a chuckle from the audience. The Cycle Stops will provide showers, bicycle repair, and of course delicious burritos.

“Taking two lanes off 93 is just the first in our what we are calling the ‘war against cars’ said mayor Koch. “We are going to be banning private automobiles from the down towns of all of our cities, and instituting an annual $300 congestion fee on all automobile owners.”

Supplemental material released at the press conference showed the full extend of the plan:

  • Parking to be removed from 75% of city streets
  • Parking fines raised to 5% the blue book value of the car
  • 85% of RMV offices to be closed in the metro area, and the cost of owning a license to be increased

“By the time we are done with them, everyone who currently drives a car will be more or less forced to ride a bicycle.” Said Nicole Freedman sighting several hundred studies showing the damage of car ownership. “We were going to just put in a few bike lanes, and hope for the best, be after a couple of drinks we figured, aww fuck it, lets get this done.” This prompted a great cheer from the lycra bound and hipster styled audience.

The three mayors plan on signing this initiative into law on Monday, and work should start in early April. “You would have to be a fool not to realize the value of a plan like this” Said Mayor Koch.


For Immediate release, April 1 2012.

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Local Crazy Man Rides Bike Down I-93

Written by Boston Biker on Nov 07

Apparently local bicycle celebrity Lucas Brunelle rode his bike down 93 today durring rush hour…I just hope he got it on film.

A bicyclist from Martha’s Vineyard is facing a trespassing charge after pedaling on the highway during rush hour near Boston this morning, State Police said.

At about 8:30 a.m., several 911 callers reported a man riding his bicycle on I-93 northbound, near Exit 11 in Milton, said Trooper Todd Nolan, a State Police spokesman.

Lucas Brunelle, 40, of Vineyard Haven was given a criminal summons and told not to ride on the highway again, Nolan said.(via)

If you are not familiar with Mr. Brunelle’s body of work, check it out here.

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