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MassBike + Boldsprints Annual Meeting

Written by Boston Biker on Nov 10

November 19, 2008
6:30 pmto10:00 pm

Free Beer, Free Food, BoldSprints Racing, Good Times!

This years Annual Meeting, a fun open to the public event, will be held at Coogan’s Pub.. Come out and join us Wednesday November 19th
at 6:30pm.

The annual meeting will start at 6:30pm, this will be a 15 minute talk by Executive Director David Watson. Learn what MassBike has been up to, hear about our future plans, and in general stay up to
date on all MassBike related activities. Once David is done the real fun starts!

The first 100 people through the door get a free beer (generously provided by Harpoon), and snacks donated by Coogan’s. After the free hooch runs out
there will be reasonably priced fair at the bar.

If that wasn’t enough to bring you downtown on a Wednesday night, from 7pm to 10pm we are going to have BoldSprints!

If you have never experienced the fun and excitement of indoor roller racing, now is your chance! Picture two bicycles side by side on rollers (don’t worry they use a fork stand, you don’t need to
balance) the crowd counts down 3,2,1 and they are off! The first person to pedal two simulated laps around the track wins! High drama, loads of fun, and thrilling to watch!

Come out, challenge your friends, challenge yourself, or maybe just watch other people go for the win! Bring your own bicycle if you want to race. This is a great time, and something you don’t want
to miss.

The Details:

When: Wednesday November 19th 6:30pm to 10pm
Where: Coogan’s Pub 171 Milk Street (map)

What: MassBikes Annual Meeting
Why: Free beer from Harpoon, free snacks, Boldsprints!

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