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Written by Boston Biker on Jan 26

From the Cambridge Bicycle Safety group:

First responders are called to 160 crashes every year involving a person on a bike being struck by a car according to Cambridge Police Department data, but we know there are many more that go unreported.

Every day people on bikes have close calls or are hit by cars on our streets. Unless it’s a major crash, we don’t know about it or don’t hear about it. Though they may not be in the statistics, these experiences exact a toll on the person riding a bike, their friends, and family who sometimes have to deal with years of trauma or injury.

The 160 moments project seeks to hear the untold experiences of people who ride in Cambridge and why it is so important that the City rapidly move toward a city-wide network of protected bike lanes.

The stories should be short, less than 160 words. Please submit by Wednesday, January 31stShare your moment now. It will only take a few minutes.

CBS core organizing team

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