Happy Earth Day!

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 22



Happy Earth day.  Remember, earth is not just were we keep our stuff, its also the only planet we can live on.  You were going to anyway, but in case you needed motivation, bikes are in fact good for the environment.

If you are a young person, you can expect to live long enough to experience the very real and very negative effects of climate change.  If you are in your 20-30’s right now you may very well live to see the total collapse of the ecosystems ability to support human civilization.  You will spend your silver years in a nightmare hellscape of droughts, floods, wars for resources, and the steady decline of all the things you love and hold dear… or we can make dramatic and cost effective changes to the way we power our civilization now, and you can live our your elder years in something resembling a normal future.

Those are your two choices, the science is in, the debate is over.  Either doom yourself and your children to a world of increasingly erratic and destructive weather patterns, or fight hard for changes now so that we can bend the curve of dangerous climate change.  A great first step towards this more normal future is to ride your bike.  Stop using your car, stop burning fossil fuels, and take a very real step towards protecting the future for yourself and your children.

Happy earth day!

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2 Responses to “Happy Earth Day!”

  1. By OldFart on Apr 22, 2014 | Reply

    “If you are in your 20-30′s right now you may very well live to see the total collapse of the ecosystems ability to support human civilization.”

    You know they told me that over 40 years ago and yet we are still here. The scientists at the time were all worried about overpopulation and a new ice age.

    Don’t let the alarmism get to you. Incremental improvements will carry the day. Our air and water is much cleaner today than it was even a decade ago.

  2. By BostonBiker on Apr 23, 2014 | Reply

    If you are trotting out the old “they predicted an ice age” canard you are raising a big red flag as to your understanding of the scientific evidence for climate change.

    With all due respect I wouldn’t invite a flat earther to a geology conference, I am not sure we should take your opinion seriously on this matter.

    The worlds top scientists from around the world are very concerned that we have very little time left to make very large changes. That is not being alarmist, alarmist is crying wolf when there is no wolf.


    The threat is real, and if we act now we can create a very nice world for future generations.

    You might comfort yourself with that sort of head in the sand thinking, but it facts are facts. The world is changing, those changes are driven by our human beings, those changes are almost all negative.

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