Still Better Than The Bus: Open Thread

Written by Boston Biker on Feb 13

Good lord the roads are proper shit today.  Layers of ice and slush and lots and  lots of rump braille snow.  I went slow, and steady, and rode straight upright and didn’t have any problems with slipping, but damn it was a bit nerve wracking on the hills.  It was grade A gross.  But you know what, even crawling at half speed, even though my toes were a little wet, and even though it was super putrid out, it WAS STILL BETTER THAN TAKING THE BUS!

It wasn’t that cold, it wasn’t that nasty, and I got home only 10 minutes slower than normal.

I saw other cyclists, and I saw evidence of their trails, so I know I wasn’t the only yahoo out there today,  share your adventures below.

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