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I honestly don’t know what people are thinking, but you need lights.  You need a red one in the back, a white one in the front and you need to have them on and at full power.  Its dark 24 hours  a day now, so the USB rechargeable ones are nice, but I don’t care if you have to light the front and back of your bike on fire, you are 100% invisible without a light.

Reflectors are nice, but they don’t work for pedestrians or other cyclists, or if the car has its lights off, or if it comes at you from a strange angle….basically you need to be lit up like a gaudy Las Vegas sign all the time every day (seriously).

I almost ran into another cyclist the other day, there was a line of cars facing me (as I was going up the Longfellow towards Cambridge), and they had no lights or reflectors.  They were completely invisible until I was about 3-5 feet from them.  Similarly some crazy ass runner did the same thing, except he was running TOWARDS me.

All in all I would say in the last two or three weeks I have had more than a dozen close calls with people dressed totally in black riding or walking with NO LIGHTS.  (I think that pedestrians need lights as well, especially when out for a jog in the street, or when j-walking.)

Get em, use em, love em.  LIGHTS!

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4 Responses to “GET A LIGHT!”

  1. By Charlie on Nov 26, 2013 | Reply

    A good bike light can be expensive. One of the best tail lights that I have found can be ordered via this link:

    It is comparable to a PlanetBike light costing over $20. Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

  2. By Lee Hollenbeck on Dec 4, 2013 | Reply

    Yes, runners are supposed to run against traffic.

  3. By Boston Biker on Dec 4, 2013 | Reply

    @lee Yes runners are supposed to go against traffic, but they are not in fact supposed to run down the middle of the longfellow bridge (he wasn’t even in the bike lane, he was in the traffic lane with the cars) He was crazy, and as invisible as a ninja.

  4. By Lee Hollenbeck on Dec 5, 2013 | Reply

    Maybe he was vehicular running? Or crack/ whack?

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