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Written by Boston Biker on Nov 21

Lots of good stuff below from the City Of Boston:

HelmetHub Launch


We are proud to announce that the first helmet vending machine in the country can be found at Boylston St and Mass Ave. This machine will help HelmetHub gather information and we hope to start the next Hubway season with more stations around the city. Make sure you visit the machine while you still can.


We are sad to announce that Hubway will be shutting down for the season. Station closures began on November 18th, and the 2013 season will end on November 27th. Please visit for information about specific station closures.

New Bike Lanes Installed
We’re on track to reach our goal of 20 miles of new bike lane in 2013! Have you seen or ridden on the latest additions to Boston’s bike infrastructure?

These lanes have recently been installed or are in progress:

  • VFW Parkway – From: Centre Street, To: Brookline Town line
  • VFW Parkway – From: Spring St, To: Brookline Town line
  • Mount Vernon St – From: Old Colony Ave, To: University Drive North
  • Freeport St – From: Dorchester Ave, To: Conley Street
  • Stuart / Huntington – From: Harcourt Ave, To: Dartmouth St
  • Adams St – From: Neponset, To: Hancock
  • Ashmont – From: Dorchester Ave, To: Neponset Ave
  • Cross Street / N Washington Street
Upcoming Public Meetings  
These meetings are part of the Connect Historic Boston project.
Atlantic Ave / Commercial St
11/20 – 6:00pm – Nazzaro Community Center, 30 N. Bennet St
The City of Boston will present a Concept Plan for Atlantic Avenue / Commercial Street (from Christopher Columbus Park to Hull Street) in the North End as part of the Connect Historic Boston initiative. The goal is to transform this corridor into a street with sufficient space for pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles to share the road comfortably.

Causeway St

11/21 – 6:00 pm – CBT Architects, 110 Canal St, 02114
This will be a public meeting to discuss the redesign of Causeway St.

Donate to Roll It Forward


“Though a bike may be thought of as a toy, it can also be a machine of empowerment that can change someone’s outlook on life.” –Canton Citizen
Recently, our work was highlighted in The Canton Citizen. The Canton Girl Scouts will be hosting a bike drive on November 24th from 12 – 3 pm at the Canton Public Library.

We are always accepting bike donations. If you have a bike to donate please visit If you would like to host a bike drive please contact our Community Programs Manager, Jenny Duquette, at[email protected]gov

BU’s new Bike Safety website is a valuable resource for cyclists of all abilities. It provides safe cycling tips, Boston cycling laws, and Charles River Campus and Medical Campus bike rack maps, and more.

With the new BU Bike Accident Toolkit, cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists have the ability to leverage the technology in their mobile device to create a digital record of their accident. Available free of charge to iPhone and Android users, this new app automatically records the date, time, and GPS coordinates, and prompts the user to ask the important questions and document the accident with photos, video, and recorded witness statements.



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3 Responses to “Boston Bikes Update”

  1. By Lee on Nov 27, 2013 | Reply

    HelmetHub is a misguided effort and a waste of space. Would rather see safer bike lanes, police enforcement of share the road and more bike parking spots.

  2. By Boston Biker on Nov 27, 2013 | Reply

    @lee Are you serious? This sort of thinking boggles my mind. Its not an either or choice, its an all of the above. We all want safer bike lanes, police enforcement, and more bike parking…but we also want Hubway users to wear helmets…unless you don’t in which case I don’t know if we share enough common ground to have a useful discussion.

    Helmet hubs existence wont reduce or prevent any of what you want. So are you just bitching to bitch, or do you have a well thought out argument I am not seeing here?

  3. By DKB on Dec 2, 2013 | Reply

    While helmets may reduce some injuries, the constant emphasis on helmets serves largely to reinforce the widespread notion that bicycling is a dangerous activity and to justify blaming the victim when someone is hurt and is not wearing a helmet. (Contrast that with seat belt use in cars. When some kid gets killed in a crash, the reporters tell us what year and model the car was, but never whether the dead kid was using his seat belt. The first question a reporter asks after a bicycle crash is whether the rider wore a helmet.)

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