Anyone Know Who This Cyclist Hero Is?

Written by Boston Biker on Aug 03

Awesome dude on bike stops horrible dude from attacking a lady…does it all without getting hit by cars.  AWESOME!

This highlights the added awareness that cyclists often have to develop out of necessity in this city.  Its so easy to zone out when you are in your car, with the AC, the radio and the windows up.  A good cyclists however will keep a keen eye on the entire road (if only to keep from getting plastered).

Anyone know who this is?  Hats off to you sir, for being a fine citizen.

From U-Hub:

Maria Elena Cruz watched the whole thing unfold shortly after 5 p.m.:

Just witnessed an assault on a woman at MGH Station. This amazing guy jumped out of his bike, in front of cars to save her. Huge dude choked and dragged woman to floor right outside the back-door exit of MGH. Guy riding bike on street jumps in front of cars to confront him. Woman ran away while hero was yelling at perpetrator. Police got there shortly after. Perpetrator handcuffed immediately.


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  1. By dearsweetbriar on Aug 5, 2013 | Reply

    From Universal Hub comments:

    “The cyclist
    By anon (not verified) – 8/4/13 – 7:40 am

    is my friend Jarrod, is a bicycle courier who owns and operates One Shot Courier, one of the city’s best delivery services.”

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