Newton Bike Update (Tonight)

Written by Boston Biker on Jun 17

from the email, check it out if you are in the Newton area:

The Second Annual Newton Bicycle Update will have all the details:
Monday, June 17, 6-7 pm,
War Memorial Auditorium, City Hall
(Psst–last year the City got an Honorable Mention from the League of
American Bicyclists. Surprise annoucement on Monday!)

Newton Bicycle Coordinator Lois Levin will be joined by Mayor Setti Warren,
members of the Board of Aldermen, city Transportation Director Bill Paille,
Police Chief Howard Mintz, and the Bicycle Advisory Committee.

They will highlight Newton’s new bicycle lanes, describe Newton’s
bicycling safety education programs, review crash statistics and enforcement
activities, and the city’s efforts to encourage more bicycling.

Having adopted a comprehensive Bicycle Network Plan in 2012, the City has
created separated bicycle lanes along Beacon Street, Centre Street, Langley
Road and Walnut Street. This year, the City expects to expand the network by
improving safety on the Carriage Road of Commonwealth Avenue, and add shared
lanes on Lowell Ave and Webster Street. Bicycling is steadily increasing in
Newton because of these efforts.

The Bicycle Advisory Committee is a subcommittee of the Transportation
Advisory Group, formed by Mayor Warren to help advance his vision of a
sustainable Newton. The TAG works to make Newton’s streets safe and healthy
for all residents.

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2 Responses to “Newton Bike Update (Tonight)”

  1. By William Furr on Jun 17, 2013 | Reply

    “the City has created separated bicycle lanes along Beacon Street, Centre Street, Langley Road and Walnut Street”

    lol wut? Where? Not in the spots where I most want some concrete between me and the cars, like Newton Center and the Rt 9 Centre St underpass.

    And where they *do* have “separated” bike lanes, they’re only separated by paint. Paint is purely psychological. Better than nothing, but nowhere near as good as concrete.

    Wake me up when some part of Boston actually puts concrete between the bikes and the cars. (or steel – floating parking counts) These folks need to ride in Copenhagen, Portland, Vancouver, or even Chicago or NYC.

  2. By Fenway on Jun 17, 2013 | Reply

    Walnut Street bike lanes? More like a mix of sharrows and randomly ending 4ft lanes of which the paint is almost completely worn off one year after installation. After the intersection with Commonwealth Avenue, where the bike lane is almost always used as a 40mph race to make a right turn lane, there is nothing on Walnut Street toward Newtonville.

    The city has been making some positive moves. But as of right now the infrastructure is so piecemeal that it isn’t going to get anyone riding in Newtown which hasn’t already been braving the sociopathic local drivers.

    I’ve seen drivers damn near run down baby strollers at the intersection of Walnut Street at Austin Street and Newtonville Avenue. They seem to think leaning on the horn and continuing to speed at 40mph toward people in crosswalks is perfectly acceptable behavior. The city of Newton has at least acknowledged this is a major problem and has stage several police cars to monitor infamously dangerous spots in between calls.

    Sadly nothing is ever going to be done to return Newtown Corner to a village center from a highway interchange and suburban office park.

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