It’s Been A Strange Week…

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 19

Seems like a fitting end to a fucked up week.  It’s all sorts of fucked up in the world right now, and fellow cyclists I don’t have any sort idea how to make sense of it.

Here is what I do know.  Boston is a city that is at its core, tough as nails.  Our souls are resilient and our city will get over this.  Today has been like something out of a movie, and frankly its going to take a long time to come to terms with it all.

It’s usually at times like this that I head to my bicycle for a long ride to get my head straight, and even that has been taken from me today by these incredible events, and martial law.

If you are reading this today, you are at home as well, wondering what you are going to do.  I would suggest you turn off the news, stay inside and call someone you love and chat with them about what is important in your life.

These insane, and misguided young people have done horrible things, and I am not sure there is anything that will make it “ok” for the rest of us.

The people of this town are good folks, we have a hard exterior but under it all is a capacity for love unrivaled by any other place on the planet.  I tell my friends who are not from here that Bostonians have a hard outer shell, but once you get past that, a friend you make here will be with you no matter what the odds.

These people who have done these things, can’t do anything to our inner core of goodness.  No bomb can break us, no shooting can stop us, nothing can break our spirit.  Good will triumph over the darkness.


Stay strong Boston, call your people, tell them you love them.

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  1. By mm on Apr 19, 2013 | Reply

    so is it safeto ride around the city? I was thinking it would be a unique experience w/o traffic, but I do not want to get pulled over by police and questioned as to why * am out and about.

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