Riding Through Back Bay After The Bombing: Open Thread

Written by Boston Biker on Apr 17

I rode into work through the Back Bay area today.  It was very strange.  Bomb sniffing dogs, national guard with rifles, absolute gridlock bumper to bumper traffic, and lots and lots of media trucks with cameras and reporters.

The entire thing felt surreal, is this really happening in our sleepy little metropolis?  Its been so…weird…just so nuts the last few days.  So many emotions, and they surge and fade.  I keep thinking about losing a leg, and not being able to ride my bike the same way as before, and what those poor families who have lost loved ones must be going through.  And why for the love of all things good and pure someone would do such a horrible and useless act.  I am not sure I will ever understand fully, or really ever come to terms with this, but I think the best thing we can do is continue to do what we did before.  Live our lives, live them free, and full of love and compassion.



I do have a couple of suggestions for folks thinking about going anywhere downtown in the next couple days/weeks:

Leave your car at home.  You will not be going much faster than a toddler waddles, and I saw more than one car overheating in the gridlock.

Get on your bike, its gorgeous out there, and its really the fastest way to get anywhere these days.

Tell the people close to you that you love them.



I want to here from you, what have your experiences been like?  Have you been riding in that area?  Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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3 Responses to “Riding Through Back Bay After The Bombing: Open Thread”

  1. By Charlie on Apr 17, 2013 | Reply

    I was at work downtown when it happened. We were all watching it on TV. Around 5 pm when people were starting to head home, there was nervousness about getting on the T or if people would be able to find cabs. As I carried my bike helmet in the elevator, one of my coworkers commented: I wish I was a bike commuter today!

    Despite the congested traffic around Back Bay, I’ve noticed people in general (myself included) being more polite in general, whether they are walking, bicycling, or driving. A lot more nods of “no you go ahead” than we normally give and get around the city. I think Monday’s events really knocked people out of their bubbles and made us all grateful for each other.

  2. By pan on Apr 17, 2013 | Reply

    Left my bike at the Hynes Convention center, eagerly anticipating the day I can reenter to get it :/

  3. By Rebecca on Apr 18, 2013 | Reply

    On Tuesday morning, I was in the left lane On Comm. Ave waiting for the light to change at Mass Ave. A motorist in the right lane complemented me on the sign -‘Bike may use full lane, state law, change lane to pass’-,that hangs from my rear bike rack, He liked it and said that it made it very clear why I was riding the way I was. I asked if he was a cyclist.He said no.It’s very rare to hear anything favorable from a motorist.I felt great hearing him say that.
    I was totally floored to see a soldier with an assault rifle on Newbury Street at the entrance to the Taj. He was talking to a security guard. The soldier moved on, and then I was stunned to see that the security guard had an assault rifle too. I felt very unsafe. Is this a sign of the new times? Assault rifles would not have protected us from the bomber. Wouldn’t a gun be protection enough? I stopped all along Newbury Street and took photos. I was interviewed by two reporters,desperately searching for stories. One was from Connecticut and one from Norway. Norway! I spoke with a couple who were not at all bothered by the assault weapons. They said “you know Obama paved the way for this”, I regret not asking them, ‘what do you mean?’ They said that assault rifles in the hands of the Koreans on roof-tops during the LA riots protected the businesses in Korea Town from rioters. I do not see the correlation for Boston. It was a strange conversation. I saw small groups of people walking around Newbury Street, stopping and looking here and there. Many had Marathon jackets on. Very few cars and maybe one other cyclist. Getting around by bicycle is absolutely the best way to see the city. Too bad that motor traffic takes up so much of the space!

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