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Written by Boston Biker on Mar 25

From the cities bike blog:

A new group is launching on April 5th, and the Women’s Cycling Initiative wanted to be sure that Boston women heard about it!

RAWR Bikes (really awesome women riding bikes) is an emerging women’s cycling organization, founded by local female cyclists to support the women’s cycling community. With Boston well on its way to being one of the premier cycling cities in the US, RAWR seeks to provide a central hub and safe space for female (and female-identifying) cyclists of all skill levels to come together in a welcoming environment.

With a “for women, powered by women” ethos, RAWR Bikes has a group of writers from a variety of disciplines and interests creating blog content, all with the same mission of helping their peers achieve their goals. The women of RAWR will be sharing racing tactics and skills, bike maintenance know-how, and much more. The site will feature in-depth coverage of amateur and professional women’s cycling, while the site’s interactive forum will open a dialogue about what should be done to foster the development of women’s cycling.

Extending its reach beyond the digital realm, the group will also encourage improvement and growth through organizing clinics, hosting skill-sharing sessions, and leading rides. Area women will have opportunities to learn valuable skills while networking with other female cyclists.

Prior to the website launch on April 5th, you can visit RAWR Bikes on Facebook for more information. A launch event will take place to celebrate the start of this new organization at Headquarters Boston/Geekhouse Bikes on April 5th at 8pm. Be sure to register!

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