Bike Light Shows Your Speed

Written by Boston Biker on Mar 20

I think I would crash right into something because I would be fascinated with looking at my speed in the light, but pretty neat hack.

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One Response to “Bike Light Shows Your Speed”

  1. By brad4d on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    I agree that this along with all the other accessories like earphones,telephones,trying to eat a hot pizza out of the box while driving(quilty) are distractions to the focus required when participating in “Traffic world”.

    I am speculating here, but I’m pretty sure that distracted driving(by motorist and cyclists) is probably going to top the list for causality of crashes very soon. At one time drinking and driving was but our society has made great strides there.

    I just learned that New Jersey is the first state
    to outlaw “driving while drowsy”.

    I like going fast and knowing how fast I am going but I also know as a coach and trainer that taking a nap before a hard workout is better than gulping an energy drink and powering thru your workout.

    Stay alert ,bike well, be well

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