Bike Safety Media Roudup

Written by Boston Biker on Nov 19

Didn’t want these to fall through the cracks, even though they were put up a bit ago:

A little more about the BHPC’s helmet campaign, including news about the new bike helmet vending machines:

Whizzing down Commonwealth Avenue through Kenmore Square, Berklee College of Music student Jon Cox could not have looked more hip. He was riding an aqua and chrome vintage bike. The tattoo on his arm showed symbols from an early Led Zeppelin record. He was yawning.

And since he was unencumbered by a bike helmet, he was listening to Mumford & Sons through oversize headphones — oblivious to the large sign he pedaled past featuring a graphic image of a cyclist with a gashed and bloodied face. “Still think it’s the helmet that’s unattractive?” the message read. “There are no good excuses.”

Maybe not, but there are excuses for going helmetless: “I’m pretty broke,” Cox said when stopped for an interview. Then he added, “I’ll be really careful.”

With a growing number of bike lanes in the city — it’s up to 60.3 miles — and its rent-a-bike Hubway program taking off, Boston is aggressively targeting cyclists like Cox in two new ways: with a $40,000 “Wear a Helmet” campaign, replete with scary pictures, and with the city’s first-ever helmet vending machine about to be installed.

News about the cities upcoming “master plan” of bike safety:


As Boston strives to become a world-class biking city, where the car is no longer king of the road, officials are coming together to talk about how its cycling infrastructure can improve even more than it has.

In a matter of years, the Hub has introduced bike-sharing programs, expanded bike lanes through the streets and even handed out free helmets to get riders thinking more about safety when traveling to their desired destinations.

But as more people ride on the road, the risk of fatalities and bike-related accidents become more prevalent.

On Thursday, City Councilors Ayanna Pressley and Felix Arroyo filed a motion for a hearing to explore ways to improve bike infrastructure in Boston and make it a more “liveable city.”

“We have had ambitious efforts to increase access to bikes. We are on our way to becoming— if not already—a world class bike city,” said Pressley.

And finally this video from the UK about bike safety, some nice tips:

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5 Responses to “Bike Safety Media Roudup”

  1. By ZRO on Nov 19, 2012 | Reply

    Went up Comm ave today on my commute to Newton. Saw several bike commuters being waved down by a large group of BPD & BU Police. Didn’t seem like they were ticketing. Possibly informing that ticketing will occur on Comm ave? Anyone have a clue?

  2. By mouth breather on Nov 19, 2012 | Reply

    so – the city is releasing a comprehensive master plan next year? exciting! the only sticking point is that they need a few of the surrounding towns to issue bicycle master plans as well (looking directly at you, brookline – you’ve already banned plastic bags – if you cannot get the emerald necklace connected, sorry – no green cred).

    I’ve heard rumors that the redesign of the casey overpass @ forest hills is likely getting a cycletrack to join up the existing bike lanes on washington to the southwest corridor. that stretch along side the bus drop-off is treacherous.

  3. By Off topic on Nov 20, 2012 | Reply

    To MB:
    The Brookline Bicycle Master plan can be found here: It was written in 2008 and updated this year.

  4. By kong0013XUE on Nov 20, 2012 | Reply

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