Hit And Run In Norwood Friday, Driver Turns Himself In

Written by Boston Biker on Jun 05

This is most peoples worst fears…but thankfully doesn’t happen that often. I hope this guy makes a full recovery.

See more video here.

A bicyclist seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver in Norwood Friday night has been identified as Dr. James Kolton. Kolton, a doctor at Norwood Hospital, lives in Boston and normally rides his bike to and from work. Police say on Friday night around 9 p.m., Kolton was riding northbound on Route 1A when a car slammed into his bike. Investigators say Kolton was wearing and a fluorescent vest and also had a light on his bike at the time. He was also wearing a helmet. He was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

“A lot of broken bones,” Norwood Police Chief William Brooks told WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith. “We understand a broken pelvis and broken ribs, but he is going to survive.”

The driver initially took off from the scene, but turned himself into police Saturday morning. “This morning the man turned himself in, said he thought he hit something last night,” Chief Brooks said. The car involved in the crash had significant damage, including a smashed windshield. Police referred to the bike as being “demolished.” Police have not identified the driver, but said they planned to charge him with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in serious personal injury.


Thanks Matt for the heads up.

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3 Responses to “Hit And Run In Norwood Friday, Driver Turns Himself In”

  1. By Marianna on Jun 5, 2012 | Reply

    Holy shit – I guess it’s good the guy turned himself in ::cough::aftertheboozeworeoff::cough::, but how do you SMASH YOUR WINDSHIELD and even try to claim that you “think you might have hit something”

    I guess if they can’t pin it on you for not wearing a helmet, the police actually care?

  2. By matt on Jun 5, 2012 | Reply

    . here is a map of the street where the accident happened – you can see it is quite wide, plenty of room to bike without cars smashing into you.


    I’m sure the driver woke up (sobered?) and then realized he couldn’t drive the car anywhere without getting pulled over immediately by Norwood PD.

    I’ll try to get in touch with the victim after his surgery and, if he doesn’t mind, provide an update later in the week. I should mention that he is a very careful cyclist (lists, reflective gear, etc) not to mention a prodigious contributor at bikeforums.net

  3. By matt on Jun 6, 2012 | Reply

    update: I’m told he made it through (extensive) surgery yesterday and is going to be OK.

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