National Bike Summit 2012, Save Cycling!

Written by Boston Biker on Feb 02

Our congress critters are once again trying to cut funding for cycling, here is yet another way to help stop them.


more info here.

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2 Responses to “National Bike Summit 2012, Save Cycling!”

  1. By jthandle on Feb 2, 2012 | Reply

    Petri Amendment failed 29 nea to 27 yea

    Here’s how the votes worked out:

  2. By Rebecca on Feb 2, 2012 | Reply

    That’s me at one minute, five seconds! It was a great experience being at the Bike Summit last year. I met people from all over the country & heard great speakers. It was a life changing moment for me going to the offices of my senators & Representative. I met only Scott Brown in person. We sat in the offices of Barney Frank & John Kerry and talked with their congressional aides. It was amazing for me to be sitting in their offices. During the bike ride on the last day of the summit day I rode my bike along side the mayor of North Little Rock Arkansas who was one of the people responsible for building the Big Dam Bridge, the longest pedestrian/bicycle bridge in America.It is almost a mile long. During the ride, he told me that he was a friend of Bill Clinton and was his guest in the White House. I highly recommend going if you can afford it. I stayed at the youth hostel which was near where the Summit was being held. I regret that I can’t go this year.

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