MassBike And MBTA Team Up To Create Awesome New Bike Racks

Written by Boston Biker on Aug 22

From MassBike

MassBike has been working with the MBTA to evaluate bike rack designs for the new Pedal & Park secure bike parking facilities coming soon to stations including Braintree, Ashmont, Davis Square, Oak Grove, and Malden Center. (The South Station Pedal & Park, which already has racks, will also be completed soon.) These great bike parking facilities will encourage more people to take the T instead of driving, by giving them the confidence to leave their bikes at stations that have suffered from insufficient bike parking and bike thefts in the past. Pedal & Parks have already made a big difference at Alewife and Forest Hills.

To maximize the number of bikes that can fit in each Pedal & Park, the T plans to use bi-level racks. The existing racks at Alewife, Forest Hills, and South Station are OK, but those racks are either unavailable now, or have not worked that well in actual use. So the T asked for feedback from actual bicyclists on bike rack prototypes from two vendors. We reported back that all the designs had significant drawbacks.


A few weeks later, when the T asked us to try out another design, we were pleased to see that most of our concerns had been addressed.



The T took our feedback seriously, asking the manufacturers to address the problems we identified. The new design works much better, and needs just a few more modifications before going into production for the new Pedal & Parks.

We really appreciate the T asking for our input and taking the time to get this right!

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3 Responses to “MassBike And MBTA Team Up To Create Awesome New Bike Racks”

  1. By john on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Are there plans for North Station? I biked there this weekend since the Lechmere Green Line is in the middle of their annual shutdown for a few months. When we got to north station, there was only a few racks (all filled), and the bars on them were so close together you couldn’t use a u lock except on the ends. Its bad enough biking from Lechmere to North Station with all the highway ramps, but to get there and have no place to lock your bike is ridiculous.

  2. By Jason on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Why not on the blue line? Since you can’t bike into Boston from East Boston / Winthrop, it would make sense to have some secure bike parking at Maverick, Wood Island or Orient Heights.

  3. By William Furr on Aug 22, 2011 | Reply

    Do Want at Ruggles.

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