Tell The City Where To Put The New Hubway Bike Rental Stations

Written by Boston Biker on Jul 11

The city is taking feedback on where they will put the hubway bike rental stations. If you want one near your your commute now is the time to speak up.

The New Balance Hubway Team is excited to announce the service area for our July 2011 launch.

We want your input! On the map below, please click on a maximum of 5 station locations to tell us where you would like to see a station.

They also have a map of the service area, for phase one of the project.

Go here and let them know where you want your bike rental stations.

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5 Responses to “Tell The City Where To Put The New Hubway Bike Rental Stations”

  1. By jb on Jul 11, 2011 | Reply

    They seriously are waiting until now to plan this? I’ve got a bad feeling on this, but I really hope it succeeds! This sort of planning could have been going on for about a year now.

  2. By john on Jul 11, 2011 | Reply

    Their twitter feed makes it seem like these suggestions are for phase 2, not this phase, of the station rollout.!/Hubway (scroll to June 30th)

  3. By Lucas on Jul 12, 2011 | Reply

    I agree, this seems so late in the game for asking the public for input. They also don’t seem to have the website up and running yet, just the inquiry map. How can we register for Hubway if they don’t have a functioning website?
    I am VERY supportive of this program yet am struggling to see any action behind it. Lets hope for a nice surprise.

  4. By cris on Jul 14, 2011 | Reply

    just as a note on the Hubway system … if it’s like the Montreal Bixi then the bike racks are designed to be truck portable so the stations themselves can be deployed and re-deployed more or less on the fly to address demand and usage. So the fact that research on where to put the racks seems a little late isn’t alarming.

    The fact that the news on the Hubway has been “aaaaaaaaaaaaany day now …” for, like, the last year is maybe more of a concern.

  5. By Omri on Jul 15, 2011 | Reply

    Cambridge. That’s where we need Hubway stops.

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