Snow Warning

Written by Boston Biker on Dec 20

The entire city seems to be in gridlock right now (unless you are on a bike that is), lots of ice, lots of poor driving, if you don’t have to ride right now, don’t. If you are going to ride, be super careful, everyone seems to have forgotten what snow is, and is predictably driving like crazy people.

Its an excellent day to practice your “have a lot of lights, and go real slow” biking.

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One Response to “Snow Warning”

  1. By Dan Pugatch on Dec 21, 2010 | Reply

    indeed man, yesterday (when you wrote this post) I saw so many cars and trucks slide all over the place. luckily no accidents. this year I’ve gone from one blinky in the front and rear to two. a big difference. looking for nice generator lighgts and going to start wearing reflective wrist bands since cars can’t see my black gloved hand making hand signals at night

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