Help DotBike Get Bikes Back Into Franklin Park

Written by Boston Biker on Sep 08

Got this from Dotbike, they are awesome, go help them out. Go help them measure paths so that they can get bikes back into Franklin Park.


Hi Dot Bike,

Did you know that riding a bike is not allowed in Franklin Park? What!? you ask. Although the rule is unlikely to be regularly enforced, there’s no way to tell how the bicycling tides may turn. Multi-use paths in Boston parks can be designated by width, so if we get together and measure the many lovely paths in Franklin Park we can submit a request to the Parks Dept. to officially permit cycling throughout the park.

Help measure paths and mix and mingle with fellow bike riders on Wednesday Sept. 9th from 5:30 until we run out of light, and Sunday Sept. 13th from noon-2 pm ish. Meet at the golf clubhouse. We’ll head out to measure, then meet back and the club house to socialize and snack.

It’s great timing to take care of this lowest of low hanging fruit for expanding bicycling infrastructure since Circuit Drive is due to have a bike lane painted as part of an upcoming repaving project. Franklin Park could soon be *officially* one of the most bike-friendly parts of Boston!

Please come to the park on the 9th, the 13th or both to help out and meet others who enjoy riding bicycles in the park. It will be a great opportunity for all of us who love the park and love biking to meet and discuss how to continue to work together to support bicycling in the park.

Hope to see you there,


P.S. Logistical support is needed and welcome – If you have any electronic measurers, can print a large format map from GIS, are an avid Google mapper, or can bring a clipboard, that would be super.

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