I Am Not Sure How To Feel About This, Sheldon Browns Old Bicycles Up For Sale

Written by Boston Biker on Nov 15

Got this email today. I, like everyone else, was very sad when Sheldon Brown died. He was a giant in the bicycle world, and was widly known for knowing more about cycling than any man should. Seems his wife and a couple old friends are selling his old bikes (he had many) on ebay and craigs list. This is a sad sad day, but might be your chance to own a bit of history.

Over the next few months, several of Sheldon Brown’s bicycles, and
numerous components, will be for sale on EBay and Craigslist. My son
Jacob and I are helping Harriet sell these items.

At this time, the first item, a Brooks Professional saddle, is for
sale on EBay. Bids have gone up to $57 so far; bidding closes at 5:17
PM EST Sunday, This item amounts to just dipping a toe into the
water — *many* more items will be for sale.

Search on to find these items (and to avoid
the many items of memorabilia related to

Generally, items of special interest, with a limited market but
likely to sell at a good price and/or easy to ship (e.g., customized
bicycles, 16-inch Greenspeed rear wheel, saddles, will go up on EBay,
and items of more general interest that will probably sell locally
(e.g., steel frames suitable to build up into fixed-gear bikes) on
Craigslist. Run-of-the-mill stuff that wouldn’t sell for much, but
can be used to build up usable bicycles, is being donated to Bikes Not Bombs.

If Interested, please keep checking at EBay and Craigslist! I’ll be
posting a message here occasionally as more items are posted.

John S. Allen

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2 Responses to “I Am Not Sure How To Feel About This, Sheldon Browns Old Bicycles Up For Sale”

  1. By A. Techie on Nov 15, 2008 | Reply

    I think it’s ok. I had a long sit-and-think with myself after having had to deal with a couple of estates of close family members who died in the last two years.

    … and I thought about the stuff I keep because it’s special to me… now, Sheldon Brown is a special case to the /world/, to be sure… but no more than my uncle and father were special cases to me. I was torn over disposing of things that were my father’s / great uncle’s memories… until I realized that yes, those were THEIR memories. they did not hold onto that stuff for me. It was for them. They did not expect that i would have to inherit and internalize all their memories in addition to my own. Who can carry that much of a load? Nobody!

    About the best a survivor can do is distill what is left of someone beloved down to those memories that well and rightly deserve to be propagated forward, and to let the rest go.

    In the case of Sheldon Brown again, I think it’s quite positive that the items are being released into the world where they will have some kind of impact on a many people, all over, for a long time to come. This is so much better than boxing them up in a barn or piling them in a corner.They’re alive again, and they are alive again because they DID belong to Sheldon Brown, and because he cared for them, and because he chose them so carefully…

  2. By Jason Black on Nov 18, 2008 | Reply

    I support reusing things, so it is good that this is happening, but maybe it should be made into a museum dedicated to Sheldon’s life.

    However, I am with SuffolkBikes a student group at Suffolk University, we are learning how to build bikes, but have very little funding. We are only building fixed gears and trying to get as many students on them as possible. If their is any extra equipment laying around that you were going to donate to BNB but they did not want, I am sure we can find a use for it.

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