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Swanies Succulent “Ride Towards Eventual Drunkness”

Written by Boston Biker on May 30

Via Boston Fixed…This sounds like a good time.

It leaves from the OSC (other side cafe) at 8:30 AM, please show up at 8AM if you plan to attend. It’s 20 bucks which includes the “ride” led by the Swanster himself. Also an all you can eat buffet (at the OSC), AND FREE PABST BLUE RIBBONS, and not just a couple!!!! Did I mention the T-shirts? The first 25 riders get em’ for free. I have really nothing to do with it other than Swanie’s my boy and I figured I would help him spread the word since his inter-web connection is down, and he’s unaware of the power of “Boston Fixed”. I may or may not be there? Oh yeah the “ride” is a relatively chill no-drop kinda affair. The BEER is COLD and the company excellent. Good way to start the day b4 I crush you all at Boston Bike Polo!

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Southie Summer Tournament: Bike Polo!

Written by Boston Biker on May 30

Come on out, bring your best mallet, and your shittiest bike cause thing are gonna get awesome real fast!

southie summer tournament

July 12: Standard double-elimination tournament with prizes and trophies and glory!
July 13: GRUDGE MATCHES! Pick up games! Other events to be determined! More prizes!

Sponsors so far include Revolution, Geekhouse, Trimount Iron Works, and (thats us!). More to come!

Here is a map to the court.

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Parade For The Future

Written by Boston Biker on May 30

flood lineParade for the Future
Sun, June 15th, 4:00-5:30 PM
Meet outside Park Street Station under the giant blue wave
Come on, come all to a Parade for the Future! Let’s celebrate what hasn’t happened yet, notably the impending submergence of our city under water due to climate change.

On Sunday, June 15th, Platform2 will lead a Parade for the Future in the form of a giant blue wave. We will gather outside the Park Street T station at 4PM. From there, the parade will proceed along the flood line of the neighborhood, tracing a worst-case scenario future geography from the year 2108. We will all be wearing blue and carrying a giant wave.

There will be scuba divers and sharks and seaweed. There will be music and swimming!
HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Wear blue. Trick out your bike. Bring your kids. Bring your pets. Wear a costume (mournful, maudlin or magnificent). Just show up.
FOR CLIMATE CHANGE ACTIVISTS: Bring your literature to hand out to people along the route.

See you in the future,
Ikatun and Platform2

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Salem Witches Cup Race

Written by Boston Biker on May 29

This event sounds awesome. You know you want to go race the crap out of this…

witches cup

From the website

The Witches Cup is a criterium – a short fast bicycle race requiring a mix of good technical skills. In particular, riders must have the ability to corner rapidly and sharply — and ride safely with a large group on a short circuit and have exceptional fitness to attack other riders and repeatedly accelerate hard from corners..

Race Date: 13 August 2008

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Ride In THe Dot Day Parade

Written by Boston Biker on May 29

You’re invited to ride with Dot Bike in the Dorchester Day parade. Join Dot Bike with kids in trailers, in your racing gear, your commuter bike, on a mountain bike, folding bike, recumbent — anyone on a bike (or trike!) is welcome! We hope to have a large group to show our Dorchester neighbors that we’re all here enjoying riding a bike in Dot.

The assembly area is on Richmond St. between Dorchester Ave. and Adams St. The parade starts at 1:00, so we’ll be decking out bikes with signs, flags, and other decor starting around 12:40. Feel free to bring your own signs and other bike bling.

A post-parade cookout is being planned. Details will be available at soon.

Please pass this invitation on to neighborhood associations, parent groups, youth organizations and anyone else who might be interested in pedaling in the parade.

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