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Deadline: Thursday, April 3, 2008

Eligibility: Open to professional artists/designers based in Massachusetts. Art/design students
may also apply for this project.

Budget: Total, all-inclusive bike rack budget including design, fabrication and installation is

Mission Hill Main Streets (MHMS) invites qualifications for the design, fabrication and installation of a multiple-unit bicycle rack. Funding for one bike rack is currently available, but a replicable design for potential fabrication of additional racks is desired. A youth component will be integrated in the development of the project. The location of the bicycle rack will be selected in the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston prior to proposal development.

Key considerations:
• Reference the character, history, fabric of the local community
• Environmentally friendly design which may include use of recycled or salvaged materials
• Durability
• Easy maintenance

The Racks of Art project is intended to create beacons asserting community character while
increasing bike parking to support and encourage bicycle use. Site-specific design will be the
result of a collaborative effort between the artist/designer and members of the Mission Hill
community, including youth. Bike racks will be structurally sound, positive in their message,
and be able to accommodate several bikes.

The goals of the project are to:
• Increase bike parking so that cyclists are not forced to lock their bikes to sign poles, trees
or fences. With additional bike racks, people will be more likely to ride bikes, knowing that
they will have secure places to lock their bikes.
• Enliven the streetscape with functional public art. Showcase art on the street for people
to enjoy for free without going to a gallery or museum.
• Stimulate the local economy by enhancing the appearance of business districts and
cultural centers, creating additional incentive for people to frequent the area. Local artists
will design and fabricate the bike racks.
• Promote physical activity as a result of the desire to use the artful bike racks.
• Alleviate environmental problems by encouraging the use of bicycles as a means of
transportation rather than relying upon fossil fuel-consuming vehicles.
• Develop a model for communities to add public art / bike parking to enhance the character
of their business districts and cultural centers.

These unique bike racks will be destinations in close proximity to where people work, learn,
shop, eat, and drink. Racks of Art will encourage people to make their commute via bicycle;
thereby saving fuel, alleviating traffic, and helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Proposed locations for bike racks are also close to bike paths/routes, which will allow people
to visit these works of art safely. Once the bike racks are in place, we plan to create road
maps showing locations of artful bike racks for residents and visitors to explore the city and
see some public art of the highest quality.

Racks of Art will be a cultural product that reflects the spirit of the vibrant Mission Hill
community. The project also serves as a vehicle to provide visibility to local artists’ creative

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